10ZiG Thin Client and Zero Client Solutions in UK and Ireland

10ZiG Technology Adds New UK & Ireland Distributor for Their Thin Client and Zero Client Solutions for VDI, DaaS and SaaS LEICESTER, UK – 10ZiG Technology are pleased to announce that they have entered into a distribution agreement with UX Distribution (UXD). With immediate effect, UXD are an active 10ZiG Accredited Distributor for their full range of Thin Client… Read More »

Convert PC to Thin Client – Get early access to Chrome OS Flex

Chrome OS Flex Available for PCs and Macs Writeup on sixteen-nine.net An interesting development in reducing implementation costs for companies and extend digital signage endpoints into education and more. Excerpt Google has kinda sorta a little got back into the digital signage and interactive display business – having announced an evolution of the Chrome operating system that can now… Read More »

PoE Signage or AV-over-IP as some call it

AV-Over-IP Digital Signage First noted on Sixteen:Nine — The solution is as much or more about things like big displays for control rooms and ops centers, but more conventional workplace digital signage would be another type of endpoint. Editors Note: Generally, AV-over-IP is the long version of PoE. Big deal in thinclient world. Advantages are: Cat5 already in place, much greater… Read More »

Test Review Raspberry Pi 400 as Thin Client

Raspberry Pi 4 Thin Client Raspberry Pi was very nice and sent us one of their Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer Kits. Featuring a quad-core 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, wireless networking, dual-display output, and 4K video playback, as well as a 40-pin GPIO header, Raspberry Pi 400 is a powerful, easy-to-use computer built into a neat and… Read More »

Hotel chain converts Windows PCs to Chrome OS

Ransomware is a modern cost factor and that means recovering from. For this hotel chain converting to Chromebooks solved that logistical nightmare– From 9to5Google — In Brief Hotel chain laptops victimized by ransomware attack 2000 laptops is problematic Instead the Lenovo ThinkPads were converted with CloudReady final count now stands at 3,500 machines, while the company opted to… Read More »

Chromebook of the Year 2021

Acer Chromebook As selected by Android Police Highlights 3.5″ 2256×1504 display with a 3:2 aspect ratio NOT the older 16:9 or 16:10 display $530 for the i5 configuration Excerpt Over the last two years, Chromebooks have dominated laptop sales around the world. As a low-cost way to access the internet — and the perfect device for remote learning or… Read More »

12th Gen Alder Lake Chromebooks by HP

HP Chromebooks So much for CES 2022 but HP is targeting its share in Chromebook world. See quick snapshot of some Chromebook RFPs from SLED market after excerpt.  Link on ChromeUnboxed Excerpt As CES 2022 approaches, so does the beginning of the year and the requisite hopes for new Chromebook hardware. So many great things are coming in… Read More »

California RFP 2021 “PC Goods”

Big RFP from State of California. PC Goods Desktops, Laptops, and Monitors Event ID 0000020273 Includes 43 different schedules and docs. If you have questions we can help with then email [email protected] Scope The Scope of this RFP includes PC Goods as defined in Section 3.1.1, Proposed Products, including core configurations, monitors (if applicable), options/upgrades, and value-added services… Read More »

Gold Level Sponsor – Esper – Android Cloud Solutions

Android Cloud Solutions by Esper Esper exists because developers and engineers need a smart platform for Android DevOps innovation. Digital transformation is accelerating the adoption of intelligent edge devices across industries and each new use case requires better software automation. We deliver operational excellence and a stable, flexible infrastructure to help you quickly deploy your application experiences at… Read More »

Azure Thin Client Considerations for Virtual Desktop

From Channel Futures Sep 27 — When adopting or adjusting virtual desktop solutions and services, many managed service providers seek advice on what brands, and types of clients, to invest in to accompany deployments. And given the evolution of desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and the recent general availability of Windows 365, a new set of criteria have emerged when it comes to selecting… Read More »

Severn Trent Selects IGEL OS secure end-user computing solution

UK, Reading. September 15, 2021 – IGEL, provider of the next gen edge OS for cloud workspaces, announces today that Severn Trent has implemented IGEL OS to manage and secure an estate of 6,000 desktop devices spread over 110 locations, support the business with its cloud migration strategy and adoption of Microsoft Office 365. Severn Trent is a FTSE100 company… Read More »

Credit Card Thin Client — Raspberry Pi Rockchip

From Tom’s Hardware (no surprise there) July 2021 with credit to Embedded System News by CNX Excerpt: There’s small, and then there’s small. The Station M2 is an RK3566 powered board, spotted by CNX Software, is limited in terms of thickness by its Ethernet port, but manages to squeeze a lot of functionality into a case only slightly… Read More »

Dolphin Computer Access – SuperNova Accessibility

Dolphin Computer Access SuperNova – Make Thin Client Stations accessible to people with visual impairments Dolphin Computer Access When you welcome people who are blind or partially sighted to use your self-service terminalss, it’s a win for your customers and a win for your brand. Deliver a positive experience for all customers and make your self-service stations accessible… Read More »

Thinclient RFPs — HP T640 Thin Client Bid Davenport

HP T640 Thin Client RFP Number: 21-135 Title: Qty. 150 HP T640 (Thin Client) Type: Invitation to Bid Issue Date: 6/28/2021 Question Deadline: 7/6/2021 11:00 AM (CT) Response Deadline: 7/12/2021 02:00 PM (CT) Notes: The City of Davenport is accepting bids on Qty. 150 if the HP T640 (Thin Client) model PN: 7TK40UT featuring both LAN and Wi-Fi… Read More »

10ZiG® Technology Innovates Cloud Agent Authentication

Cloud Agent Authentication Over recent years, 10ZiG Thin & Zero Client Hardware Specialists, have been earning quite a reputation in the VDI space for The 10ZiG Manager™, 10ZiG’s FREE Enterprise Centralized Management Software for endpoints running on a 10ZiG OS in a virtual desktop environment – from x86 devices to laptops, tablets, or old, outdated endpoints, etc. 10ZiG®… Read More »

10ZiG® Expands Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Deployments with Linux and Windows

Windows Virtual Desktop Deployments with Linux 10ZiG® Expands Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Deployments with Linux and Windows-Based Endpoint Support “10ZiG Technology supports Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Deployments across its versatile range of Intel and AMD endpoints, featuring both Linux- and Windows-based operating systems.” LEICESTER, UK – 10ZiG Technology, a leader in Thin & Zero Client endpoint hardware and… Read More »

Telehealth Verizon Venture – BlueJeans Telehealth Announced

From Press Release by Verizon Apr2021 Purpose-built solution for healthcare providers streamlines telemedicine experience to help improve patient care BlueJeans Telehealth addresses two key challenges: – Tech Literacy: One click, download-free access to a video telehealth experience via mobile device or desktop to minimize technology complications – Visit Efficiency: Expedite information sharing through a customizable landing experience that… Read More »

Chromebook Request For Proposals Feb-12 Thin Client Computing

Chromebook Request For Proposals Feb 12 Ten or so different Chromebook projects with around 20,000 units in requirements, if not more. Indiana — Four thousand seven hundred twenty-five (4725) or more student and staff Chromebooks — NOTICE TO BIDDERS Warrick County School Corporation Boonville, Indiana The Warrick County School Corporation (WCSC) is seeking suppliers to provide four thousand… Read More »

Browsers – NFC (Near Field Communications) by default in Chrome Engine Now

Google Chrome Interactive Features Chrome Gets NFC enabled Editors Note – All of the most mature Browser Lockdown products for secure desktop use the Chrome Engine. This latest device integration by Google is significant. NFC (Near Field Communications) is a core technology used often in self-service kiosks. Browsers have become the viewports for all. Excerpt from TechRadar: Web browsers… Read More »