Tech Innovators: How A Tiny IGEL Thin Client Device Saved $6.5M For One Customer | CRN Mobile

By | November 19, 2017

 IGEL Thin Client Device


IGEL North America CEO Jed Ayres tells how one solution provider was able to save a customer $6.5 million in hardware upgrade costs by rolling out the company’s UD Pocket USB thin client.

Long-time solution provider Jed Ayres is now over one year into his tenure as the CEO of IGEL North America. He spoke with CRN about the opportunity in edge computing and how the company’s UD Pocket micro thin-client device is helping solution providers capitalize on it. CRN Monday named the UD Pocket the winner of the2017 CRN Tech Innovators Awardin the PC – Workstations/Desktops/All-in-Ones category.

“There’s a revolution going on with the number of devices on the edge, in terms of just people starting to connect more things to the internet, and so there’s a renewed interest in edge computing. Everybody’s looking at it and realizing that there’s a lot of compute horsepower that’s going to happen at the edge,” Ayres said. “There are discussions of somewhere between 20 billion and 50 billion devices being connected to the internet by 2020, so there’s a big interest in terms of looking at what’s happening at the edge.”