10ZiG Technology | 10ZiG Technology Extends Thin Client Manager to the Cloud

By | May 13, 2016

Leicester, United Kingdom, 12th May 2016. 10ZiG Technology proudly announces the launch of a new Cloud Manager, allowing for management of 10ZiG Thin and Zero Clients over the Internet. The 10Zi

Source: www.realwire.com

The 10ZiG Cloud Manager has been developed to address the changing requirements of Thin and Zero Clients to support connectivity via Cloud in addition to traditional managed networks. The introduction of 10ZiG Cloud Manager complements the existing 10ZiG Manager.


As an extension of their existing 10ZiG Manager software, 10ZiG Cloud Manager permits new and existing customers to take advantage of this new feature. The cloud based end points can be managed in exactly the same way as traditionally connected end points including LAN, WAN and VPN. This combines existing features of their 10ZiG Manager including Automatic Configuration, Power On, Shut Down, Reboot, Firmware updating and shadowing of Client endpoints.