OS Neutral Payment Devices – Cloud-based POS devices

By | July 26, 2022
Cloud payment

OS-Neutral Payment Devices

The next generation payment devices really don’t care what OS you are running. You could be running Flex, Linux, Android or Windows for that matter.  You do need an Ethernet or Bluetooth connection though.  Cloud payment systems have come a long way from Avalara and website e-commerce.  Now cloud-based payment unifies mobile pay devices which are increasing ever faster and using the web to handle the transaction.

Another consideration is that within a restaurant or POS location, while it may have kiosks equipped with these devices, an establishment can extend other modern digital wallet payment methods to customers at the counter. Maybe I want to pay using my Paypal account. Why not?

McDonalds and printers is a good example of just buying one kind of printer, when in fact they really have two usage models. One is a simple receipt and the other is being able to print stickers for merchandise thru the drive thru window.  They purchase the upscale model in large quantities and get a discounted price. They only have to worry maintenance wise about one single device.

The latest payment product from datacap systems, inc. shows how payment is now a simple http/https post. The payment device in this case is a PAX Android IM30 or Ingenico Telium TETRA device.  For more information contact datacap or email [email protected]

DC Direct embeds payments logic into the Ingenico Group Telium TETRA and Pax Android line of pads to facilitate a direct communication between the device and NETePay Hosted – no Datacap hardware or software is necessary.

George Hurdock with datacap — All of our middleware lives on the card entry device, and communicates directly to our NETePay Hosted gateway architecture, so as long as the POS developer can perform an http/https post, it doesn’t matter which OS they are communicating from.

The IM30, from Pax, is a standalone contact and contactless Android reader for self-service payments. It accepts all transaction types and is ideal for vending machines, kiosks or any unattended payment terminal. The IM30 connects via Ethernet or Bluetooth.

API Developer Support

Omnichannel Payment Processing with Datacap

Our Developer Portal is designed to help developers rapidly integrate payment processing using Datacap’s hardware and processor-agnostic payment interfaces.

Including Full API documentation for:

  • dsiEMVUS®
  • EasyCheckout™
  • dsiPDCX®
  • Pay API™
  • DC Direct™
  • dsiEMVApple™
  • dsiEMVAndroid™
  • DSIEMVClientX®
  • TranCloud™

IM30 Info

  • PAXBiz® Powered by Android™
  • 5″ Color Touchscreen
  • IP55 | IK08 Physical Protection
  • 1D/2D QR Code Scanning

The IM30 is an all-in-one unattended payment terminal that is designed to handle all payment methods including EMV®, MSR, and NFC contactless, QR code, as well as NFC-enabled mobile wallets. Built to last in any environment, it offers added conveniences and security like push-to-talk, picture surveillance, and automated customer identification. The IM30 performs best in all kinds of indoor and outdoor self-service environments with high transaction volumes, such as vending machines, ticketing machines, on-street and off-street parking, petrol forecourts, car-washes and store kiosks, self-service checkouts, and more.


Digital wallets

A digital wallet is a virtual version of your everyday wallet. It stores a user’s various payment types–credit cards, debit cards, bank account information, loyalty cards, and more–on an app or browser that can be accessed easily and quickly online or in-store to make a payment. Businesses can accept digital wallets online and in person through a wide variety of point-of-sale solutions.

• An estimated 4.4 billion global consumers will shop with a digital wallet by 2023, accounting for 52% of ecommerce payments globally.
• 1.6 billion global consumers will pay by digital wallets at the point of sale (POS) in 2023, accounting for 30% of POS payments.

“With the increased acceptance of digital transactions, coupled with consumer preference, there’s going to be an acceleration in [digital wallet] usage, even more than there already has been,” said Dave Duncan, EVP, chief product officer at Global Payments.

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