Chromebook Thin Client – Intel’s Project Athena & Chromebooks

By | January 17, 2020

Intel’s at CES

  • newest stab at UltraBook.
  • Setting standards.
  • Mostly Windows.
  • Partnering with Google
  • Announced Chromebook.
intel took the stage at CES 2020 to deliver their keynote like they do kind of year after year and right in the middle of it they took a few minutes to talk about the progress that they’ve made on project Athena and then they made a surprising announcement to a lot of us and that is a partnership with Google surrounding this whole idea of project Athena laptops and then they went further and debuted a couple new Chromebooks the Samsung Galaxy  Chromebook in the Asus Chromebook as project Athena Chromebooks and all of this is very important and if you’re hearing all of that and going I don’t know what any of that means we kind of didn’t really either and so we did some research and I’d like to tell you about it