Convert PC to Thin Client – Get early access to Chrome OS Flex

By | February 21, 2022
ChromeOS Flex thin client

Chrome OS Flex Available for PCs and Macs

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An interesting development in reducing implementation costs for companies and extend digital signage endpoints into education and more.


Google has kinda sorta a little got back into the digital signage and interactive display business – having announced an evolution of the Chrome operating system that can now run on new and existing Windows and Mac devices.

Previously, using Chrome OS was limited to dedicated hardware like the Chromeboxes, all-in-one screens and even sticks a small set of manufacturers were putting out.

The pitch for Chrome OS Flex is that it makes PCs and Macs secure, fast, auto-updated and managed from the cloud. Devices, and now not just ones with Chrome in the name, are all managed via the Chrome device management console.

The Flex license is free and I assume Google and its resellers make money though the management software.

The German firm Invidis has an interesting take on this development, including the observation that the real interest with this – for Google – is with the business data generated by activity.

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