IGEL Technology: Von der Green IT zum grünen Unternehmen

By | September 9, 2014

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The German thin client market leader writes climate protection and energy saving not only the product side quite large. With numerous internal projects IGEL is also working on its own life cycle and anchored the issue of climate change in corporate strategy.

Bremen September 9, 2014 – With its thin client solutions, IGEL offers an extremely energy-efficient alternative to the traditional desktop PC. So, for example, received the All-in-One Thin Client UD10 recently the Energy Star specification 6.0. Irrespective of the Bremen company sets but also to themselves an ambitious target and it has already made a decisive course: from the use of green energy, via the purchase of natural gas vehicles to the use of LED lighting. In an effort to reduce the environmental footprint consistently, now IGEL involved in the pilot project “green-transformation” as a model company. The goal: to protect the climate through the analysis of organizational structures and work processes are to be an organic part of the corporate culture. Climate-change agents to identify the various environmental aspects in the individual business areas and sensitize the IGEL staff for further joint processes of change.

Than previous milestones in climate protection IGEL can cite the company building built in 2009 at its headquarters in Bremen. It is built according to the valid regulations for energy saving and is supplied with green electricity. Beyond this, IGEL is 14001 (environmental management) according to ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO. The living quality and environmental management is reviewed in annual audits by an independent certification body, thus improving constantly.

More action on climate change form the CO2 balance for the location Bremen according to GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), the switch to LED lighting in the warehouse and assembly as well as the equipment of the company fleet with environmentally friendly natural gas cars.

And the agenda for upcoming projects is well filled: Procurement management is to be more environmentally oriented, so that the CO2 emissions are further reduced during production, use and disposal of IGEL products. To better engage employees, also are plans for an idea management system and a “Climate Day”.

“To achieve climate protection goals in the company, it needs not only technical solutions,” commented Dr. Martin Schnatmeyer, Head of Quality, Environmental & Safety Management and Climate Change Agent at IGEL Technology. “It is important to involve all employees in the change processes. Through this involvement, many new ideas can arise also like to implement the colleagues voluntarily and with initiative. This motivation is the best basis for IGEL in all areas for green companies have to be. ”

Energy Star 6.0

In addition to the entrepreneurial efforts IGEL continues to work hard to improve its products under energy consumption aspects. So filled the screen integrated Thin Client IGEL UD10 now also follow the guidelines of the Engery Star 6.0, which classifies the maximum allowable electricity consumption over a certain period of time. This now has the majority of overall IGEL hardware product range over the environmental quality mark.