Cloud PC – Did the Thin Client Market Just Increase by Factor of 1000?

By | July 15, 2021

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Microsoft Cloud PC

Microsoft Cloud PC

Nice article on ZDnet —  For almost 30 years, the number one reason Windows users have given for not running Linux is they couldn’t run their programs on it. Now that Windows 365 Cloud PC is almost here that excuse has just been blown to bits.

In Brief

  • Maybe we have Chromebooks to thank for this development?
  • This is a big bet on Azure Cloud. Google expanded its full suite to all.  AWS?  Nothing yet.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if all those physical device drivers turned into virtual cloud drivers…
  • See Silicon Angle — Microsoft Corp. will launch a new virtual machine service next month called Windows 365 that will enable business workers to access “Cloud PCs” from any web browser.

Excerpt from ZDNet:

By for Linux and Open Source |  | Topic: Enterprise Software

Microsoft has just announced the release of Windows 365 and Cloud PC. This new service, built on top of Azure Virtual Desktopenables you to bring their Windows 10 and eventually Windows 11, desktop, apps, tools, data, and settings to your personal and work devices, including Windows PCs (naturally!) but Macs, iPads, Linux, and Android devices as well.

Let me repeat that: Windows 365 will enable you to run your Windows desktop, apps, data, etc., etc. on Linux. That’s the Linux desktop they’re talking about.

Read full article on ZDnet

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