Thin Client – 2016 will be the year of the Management Workspace

By | January 15, 2016

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The 2016 challenge IT managers: For the digital transformation or industry 4.0 they must on the one hand provide operative relief. On the other hand the maintenance rises during operation because workstation PCs stay longer in use. With a suitable workspace management strategy this paradox can be dissolve.

Bremen 14 January 2016 – IGEL Technology takes the issue of managed workspace in the new year, significant attention and is expanding its portfolio of solutions to this effect consistently. IT managers in companies and authorities would be so relieved in favor of strategic and complex projects within the digital transformation. These transfers IGEL decades of know-how in the management of Thin, Zero and software thin clients on global IT trends such as software-defined computing and unified management and thereby positions itself in the market for workspace management.

Against the background of a basic priority change in the IT towards digital transformation of business processes, smart products and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) or industry 4.0 say trend analyzes as the “IDC FutureScapes 2016” a significantly longer PC life beyond six years ahead. Technically this is possible: The hardware has become more robust and thanks to Windows 10 also has three-year-old machine a few years yet to come to terms with the previous requirements.

The flipside of the coin: the unabated high maintenance and management costs. There are local applications or user data on the PC, a rebuild will not infrequently after a hardware failure a half or whole day. An unplanned consequence of failures may jeopardize such an important project objectives.

Setting the course towards Unified Management

In order to relieve IT staff sustainably, IGEL applies the principle of “software-defined computing” in the workplace IT to: Use the secure, standardized and cost-effective Linux operating system Udc2 which, as it were for desktop PCs, notebooks, and thin clients of other manufacturers is, IGEL decouples the intelligence for remote access to centralized IT environments and cloud services sustained by the hardware. In combination with a profile-based management – the appropriate software IGEL UMS is included – occur uniformly remotely manageable work environments. These IGEL Managed Workspaces are after acute failure of the terminal – whether PC, laptop or thin client – reactivated within a few minutes on a hitherto unconfigured replacement hardware and ready for use.

A new step towards Unified Device Management undertook IGEL recently with the software UMA (Unified Management Agent), through which can be also PCs and notebooks with a local Windows 7 in the homogeneous UMS environment integrated.

“In the coming months and years, we want our Unified management approach to expand and further integrate device groups,” announced CEO Gloge. “We are setting up the ongoing changes to the workspace management provider consistently continue to an even greater extent to relieve ultimately end users and cloud service from unproductive tasks and increase productivity in IT.”