VXL Software’s Fusion EMM to cut the cost of mobility management

By | September 15, 2016

VXL Software’s Fusion EMM to cut the cost of mobility managementfusion_emm_software 

Manchester, United Kingdom Leading developer of software and hardware solutions, VXL, has today released Fusion EMM (enterprise mobility management), the company’s latest product – offering mobile device management for Android and iOS devices. Android- and iOS-based devices comprise just over 99% of the world market for smartphones, according to recent research by Gartner.                                                                              

Fusion EMM is a browser-based solution which can be provided either as a hosted service, or installed on a company’s network. It is designed to provide end-to-end management of Android and iOS tablets and smartphones – enabling IT departments to easily provision devices, add or update applications, manage access to corporate content, strengthen device security and much more. 

Fusion EMM complements VXL Software’s Fusion UDM Premium, the company’s device management suite for desktops, laptops and thin clients. 

According to VXL’s VP for Worldwide Sales, Frank Noon, Fusion EMM can dramatically reduce the cost of managing mobile devices. “Fusion EMM typically offers more features than comparable products,” says Noon, “but at a far lower price-point. This, along with our perpetual licensing structure, can make a significant difference to the cost of enterprise mobility management.” 

Fusion EMM supports recent versions of both iOS and Android on mobile phones and tablets. 

Not only does Fusion EMM provide mobility management and security, it also helps organisations to speed up the accurate auditing of hardware inventory. Noon believes that Fusion EMM also scores highly in terms of its ease of use. “Managing devices of any type can be not only expensive, but also complex and time-consuming. We’ve worked hard so that administrators can do most things with just a few clicks.”

Fusion EMM is available in two versions, Gold – at US $39 per device – and Platinum – at US $49 per device – with annual support available on either at an affordable cost. 

“For some companies,” says Noon, “this can cut their mobility management software costs in half. When you’re managing hundreds or thousands of devices, that’s a significant saving.” 

More information: www.vxl.net/emm 

About VXL

Established in 1976, VXL is a global leader and manufacturer of thin-, zero- and cloud-client devices and supplies a high-quality range of high-specification models that are made to the most exacting standards.

This single-minded commitment to product quality is at the core of what VXL represents today, together with a passion to support companies around the world to successfully build efficient IT infrastructures that are flexible, secure, manageable and affordable.

VXL’s world-renowned ‘Itona’ brand of thin clients includes its latest SoC (System-on-Chip) and dual/quad core high-performance desktops, plus Xtona (Citrix-certified) and Vtona (PCoIP VMware-certified) zero clients – and leading software solutions, including: Fusion UDM Premium Device Manager™, Illumineye DS Suite (digital signage) and CloudDesktop™ PC repurposing software. 

VXL’s corporate HQ is based in Mumbai and manufacturing facility in Bangalore, India’s ‘Silicon Valley’, with the Americas Group HQ based in Houston, Texas, USA, and the European HQ in Manchester, UK. Dedicated sales subsidiaries are also based in key strategic markets including Germany, France, Singapore and Dubai – and VXL’s customer support offices can be found in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific.

For more information, email [email protected] or please visit: www.vxl.net