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IGEL Cloud Workspace Endpoint Management with IGEL OS 11

IGEL, a world leader in software-defined endpoint optimisation and control solutions for the secure enterprise, today launched the IGEL Workspace Edition. Powered by the IGEL OS 11 operating system, the IGEL Workspace Edition demonstrates, once again, that IGEL is leading the industry in its software-first approach and ability to standardise, manage and secure any complex end user computing ecosystem. IGEL Revolutionises Cloud Workspace Endpoint Management with IGEL OS 11  Flexible software licensing options de-couple the hardware from the software, making it easier and more cost-effective than ever to sell, manage, and support IGEL’s software-defined endpoint solutions Reading, UK. Jan. 24, 2019 – IGEL, a world leader in software-defined endpoint optimisation and control… Read More »

IGEL recognised as the fastest growing thin client provider in the U.S.

IGEL recognised as fastest growing thin client provider in U.S. Leading Analyst Firm Reports on IGEL’s Rising Thin Client Hardware Market Position and Innovative Software Differentiation Reading, UK, May 8, 2018 – IGEL, a world leader in endpoint management software for the secure enterprise, today announced that it has risen, in terms of market share, to the third-largest thin client provider in the U.S., according to the IDC Quarterly Enterprise Client Device Tracker 2017Q4[1]. Data from the IDC Quarterly Enterprise Client Device Tracker 2017Q4 was included in the recent IDC Topline report, “Thin Clients as Attractive Solutions for Cost-Effective, Secure Endpoint Management,” which was sponsored by IGEL[2]. The report, authored by IDC Research… Read More »

IGEL Expands Portfolio of Virtualisation-Optimised Endpoints

IGEL Expands Portfolio of Virtualisation-Optimised Endpoints Featuring an advanced AMD processor, a high-end AMD Radeon™ graphics card and twice the memory capacity, the new UD7 Universal Desktop is also the only thin client solution to offer multi-monitor support for 4K displays at 60Hz Reading, UK. April 18, 2018 – IGEL, a world leader in endpoint management software for the secure enterprise, today announced the expansion of its portfolio of virtualisation-optimised endpoints to include the new IGEL UD7. Part of IGEL’s family of Universal Desktop™software-defined thin clients, the IGEL UD7 is designed for end-user computing (EUC) environments where high-performance and access to multiple, high-quality displays is required, such as video production and CAD design suites,… Read More »

IGEL OS 10 Announces Support for UEFI Secure Boot  | ReadItQuik

Enterprises leveraging the IGEL UDC3 and IGEL UD Pocket to convert existing x86-based PCs, laptops, tablets and third-party thin clients into IGEL OS-powered endpoints now benefit from enhanced security capabilities 

Source: www.readitquik.com

UEFI Secure Boot validated UDC3 and IGEL UD Pocket solutions are available now, and are distinguished by a visual cue in the form of a lock icon that appears on the system’s boot splash providing an assurance that the endpoint is activated with UEFI Secure Boot.

Thin Client – IGEL & Evidian make authentication on thin client easier, faster & safer

Thanks to the upcoming firmware updates for IGEL Linux users can now easier and faster access to Linux-based thin clients using RFID. The employee authenticates once and may his session (Citrix XenApp and Microsoft RDS) during the day on any other thin client in the corporate network to retrieve by presenting the RFID card – simple, quickly and safely. Bremen 09 April 2015 – With the latest version of the IGEL Linux firmware Bremer thin and zero client vendor for more flexibility and security companies provide. These Evidian software for authentication in the version 5.06.100 of the operating system is integrated. Thus, employees need only once a day a strong… Read More »

Thin Client PR – Thin Clients Green IT Study

The energy efficiency and sustainability have arrived in the middle class. However, the IT infrastructure can still make much greener. In addition to the virtualization and energy-saving thin and zero clients are on the rise. Bremen March 10, 2015 – The Green IT has developed from a former hype for the Group’s corporate practice – even in the middle class. The local level and how it goes now, revealing a supported IGEL Technology Techconsult survey of 200 companies with 10 to 999 employees. The study found regarding the IT infrastructure that 51% of the companies surveyed locate the largest savings in the IT workplace. The popular Green IT initiative in… Read More »

High Performance Computing mit Thin Clients – IGEL stellt den UD6 mit Quad-Core-Prozessor vor

IGEL Technology hat heute seinen neuesten und gleichzeitig leistungsstärksten Thin Client vorgestellt. Der IGEL UD6 überzeugt durch einenbis zu 2,42 GHz schnellen Intel Celeron Quad-Core-Prozessor und einer üppigen Speicherausstattung. Dieses Hardware-Gerüst macht das neue Flaggschiff aus dem Hause IGEL zur ersten Wahl, wenn es um die Bewältigung anspruchsvollster Grafik-, 3D- oder Multimedia-Anwendungen geht und gleichzeitig alle Vorteile einer sicheren und zentralisierten Infrastruktur genutzt werden sollen. Hardwareseitig eignet sich der UD6 durch seine Leistungsdaten für den Einsatz der Citrix HDX3D Pro Technologie, die speziell für den Zugriff auf zentrale 3D-Anwendungen konzipiert wurde. Dazu werden im Rechenzentrum zentrale Hochleistungs-CAD-Workstations/-Server betrieben, die mit leistungsfähigen NVIDIA GRID-Karten ausgestattet sind. Auf der Client-Seite bietet IGEL… Read More »