Light Client Biometric Payment – Google’s Android Fingerprint Sensor Comes With Swedish Touch

By | June 1, 2015

Last week, during its yearly and awaited developer conference in San Francisco, Google unveiled Android M, which will be available to the public next


Android M’s fingerprint sensors were developed in cooperation with Swedish Fingerprint Card (FPC). The fingerprint sensor will enable app developers to take advantage of fingerprint sensors securely, eliminating the need for PIN codes or passwords to identify and verify the user.

According to Reuters, Fingerprint shares jumped to a record high at 5.1 percent by 0724 GMT last Friday. Jörgen Lantto, President and Chief Executive Officer of FPC, mentioned during the conference that Fingerprint’s forecast of revenue exceeds $177 million in 2015. Morevoer, he is convinced that the launch of Android M will contribute to the fingerprint sensors’ market growth in 2016, possibly even earlier.