Thin Client – IGEL Tech Channel Videos

By | March 3, 2016

IGEL Tech channel

The German thin client market leader IGEL’s service offering for customers and partners continues: Starting today offers “IGEL Techchannel” accumulated knowledge about solutions and products in the field of IGEL Managed Workspace. Each week the channel grows to a new video and upload under[email protected] an interaction.

[Translated] Bremen March 2, 2016 – The IGEL solution portfolio continues to grow. In addition to the market-leading hardware palette builds IGEL its expertise as a managed workspace provider with new software products further. Is mainly generated the success of numerous service offerings, ranging from pre-sales support, through training up to the knowledgebase IGEL eDocs. Starting today enriches another element the IGEL service world: The IGEL Techchannel provides partners and customers the opportunity to obtain concrete solutions to diverse IGEL topics in the form of short videos. To start informing a handful of videos about different scenarios, and how these can be implemented using IGEL thin clients and management tools. In the future, follows every Tuesday a new video, and makes the IGEL Techchannel thus successively for extensive video database with unique expertise. For a wide-ranging possible address the clips are produced in English, the implementation of further localized soundtracks planned. The IGEL Techchannel is now reachable.

Knowledge transfer can take place in many ways, even in the IT is no different. During a direct line to the preferred support, engages others like On Time Manuals back to get themselves to one approach. In times of YouTube in the form of visual presentation has become another important information channel, even and especially in the B2B environment. With the IGEL Tecchannel the German thin client leader is expanding its services to a new platform, providing users now have more choices.

Thematically it’s all about IGEL hardware and software products and how they contribute to specific problems to solve, step by step. Moreover, the future also be support issues on the agenda. For a lively exchange and substantive cooperation IGEL has the central mail address[email protected] furnishings, submit their own topics for videos about the customers and partners, or can address questions to existing tutorials.

“With the IGEL Techchannel we publish a very interesting new service for our partners and customers. We want to convey products through this channel different approaches and ideas in dealing with IGEL and IGEL next to the support and the flexible support of our pre-sales team our users with the best service. We look forward to the feedback and would greatly appreciate any suggestions and proposals, “said René Grunwald, Team Leader Systems Engineering United IGEL Technology.