About Thin Client

Thinclient.org has been in existence for over 10 years.  The site is managed by Craig Keefner who has extensive experience with configuring, monitoring and maintaining thin clients in the unattended self-service industry.

In November 2014 we migrated our Content Management System from the original Movable Type (which served us well) to WordPress (which actually copied a ton from Movable Type)..

About the Editor

craig keefner

Working for Olea Kiosks and focused on transactional systems for self-service (QSR, Fast Casual, Healthcare, Telemedicine, bill payment and more). Experience as web programmer (NW Airlines), Bridal Kiosks (Target Clubb Wedd and Gift Certificate Company). Irwin Jacobs B2C. Eleven years with Kiosk Information Systems. Major projects include: Verizon, Army Gaming Centers, Target Store Bridal Registry, Correctional visitation, AT&T and many more.