Agile4Pi, the new Praim software that transforms Raspberry Pi endpoints into real Thin Clients

By | September 21, 2018
thin client

Management of endpoints in a single tool, simplicity and security for access to virtualized resources and creation of browser kiosks in seconds.  

Trento, 17 September 2018 – Praim, a leading provider of systems for the creation and management of thin & zero client software and hardware workstations, presents the new Agile4Pi software.

The Praim software solution, with Raspberry Pi 3 B and Pi 3 B+, allows a Full HD experience with client-side video rendering. Thanks to the complete integration of the Citrix Receiver, it guarantees total compatibility with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop systems (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop), offering a high performance workstation.

In addition to keeping the investment on endpoints low, Agile4Pi facilitates control and management. By connecting the Raspberry devices to the ThinMan management console, monitoring, configuring, deploying software and automating many operations will be faster and easier. ThinMan allows you to launch a remote assistance session with one click. Therefore, Raspberry devices can be managed in a complete way by a single management console.

The benefits are visible also to the user: Agile4Pi has a smart and controlled interface for accessing Citrix applications; locally customize video resolution, language, mouse and keyboard configurations, whereas changes to configurations are enabled only for the administrator.

Agile4Pi allows you to create browser kiosks in seconds. With 5 clicks you can create a customized full screen browser kiosk – says Michele Gasparoli, Channel Marketing Manager at Praim – from the info point to digital signage, with Agile4Pi you create and control the kiosk in a simple and automatic way. We have included this feature to ensure the security of each device and prevent the start of any other application.

Agile4Pi is compatible with the Citrix Secure Browser Standard Service.

Agile4Pi can be downloaded as a free demo version from the Praim website and is already available for purchase through Praim’s resale channel.