10ZiG® Expands Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Deployments with Linux and Windows

Windows Virtual Desktop Deployments with Linux 10ZiG® Expands Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Deployments with Linux and Windows-Based Endpoint Support “10ZiG Technology supports Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Deployments across its versatile range of Intel and AMD endpoints, featuring both Linux- and Windows-based operating systems.” LEICESTER, UK – 10ZiG Technology, a leader in Thin & Zero Client endpoint hardware and… Read More »

Telehealth Verizon Venture – BlueJeans Telehealth Announced

From Press Release by Verizon Apr2021 Purpose-built solution for healthcare providers streamlines telemedicine experience to help improve patient care BlueJeans Telehealth addresses two key challenges: – Tech Literacy: One click, download-free access to a video telehealth experience via mobile device or desktop to minimize technology complications – Visit Efficiency: Expedite information sharing through a customizable landing experience that… Read More »

Chromebook Request For Proposals Feb-12 Thin Client Computing

Chromebook Request For Proposals Feb 12 Ten or so different Chromebook projects with around 20,000 units in requirements, if not more. Indiana — Four thousand seven hundred twenty-five (4725) or more student and staff Chromebooks — NOTICE TO BIDDERS Warrick County School Corporation Boonville, Indiana The Warrick County School Corporation (WCSC) is seeking suppliers to provide four thousand… Read More »

Browsers – NFC (Near Field Communications) by default in Chrome Engine Now

Google Chrome Interactive Features Chrome Gets NFC enabled Editors Note – All of the most mature Browser Lockdown products for secure desktop use the Chrome Engine. This latest device integration by Google is significant. NFC (Near Field Communications) is a core technology used often in self-service kiosks. Browsers have become the viewports for all. Excerpt from TechRadar: Web browsers… Read More »

Citrix DDoS attack vectors – Citrix says it’s working on a fix, expected next year.

Article on ZDnet Dec2020 Citrix DDOS Attacks — Excerpt By Catalin Cimpanu for Zero Day | December 24, 2020 — 17:34 GMT (09:34 PST) | Topic: Security Threat actors have discovered a way to bounce and amplify junk web traffic against Citrix ADC networking equipment to launch DDoS attacks. While details about the attackers are still unknown, victims of these Citrix-based DDoS attacks have… Read More »

ChromeOS Trajectory Altered With Acquisition by Google

From Computerworld ChromeOS Explosion – Dec2020 A subtle-seeming Google purchase paves the way for a dramatic expansion of Chrome OS’s reach — and a dramatic reimagining of what a Chromebook even is. Neverware and the Chrome OS connection I first wrote about Neverware nearly five years ago, but the company’s actually been around even longer than that. Its primary… Read More »

PCI Compliance for Unattended Self-Service Kiosks Announcements

PCI Compliance for self service kiosks announcement on PRNewswire KIosk Manufacturer Logo WESTMINSTER, Colo., Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA), the leading unattended self-service kiosk association established in 1995, today announced the launch of new initiatives in the PCI Compliance space for unattended self-service kiosks. Those initiatives include providing content for the PCI Perspectives Blog, creating a… Read More »

Patient Registration Kiosk – Advantage Series

Advantage Series – Patient Kiosks Patient Registration Kiosk Systems – Advantage Series A focus on health and safety Healthcare Kiosk Patient Check-In Frank Mayer Patient kiosks allow staff to focus on what matters – streamlining the check-in process and keeping employees healthy. Healthcare kiosks offer a high quality of care to patients and guests who walk through your… Read More »

ChromeBook 2021 Predictions

2021 Predictions for ChromeBook For those of you who’ve been around for more than a year, you likely remember us making the same sort of grandiose statements last year around this time, excited by the proposition of new 10th-gen Intel-based Chromebooks and the slew of MediaTek MT8183-touting Chrome OS devices we were expecting. While some of those devices showed up… Read More »

Cloud Computing Shaping the Modern Workforce

Cloud Computing and the Modern Workforce From Techspective Nov 2020 — Excerpt: BY PHILLIP JOHNSON ON NOVEMBER 11, 2020CLOUD, CLOUD APPS, CLOUD DATA, HYBRID CLOUD, STRATEGY Organizations are enhancing safety and security, reducing costs and increasing operational flexibility by using cloud computing platforms. After two decades of advances, cloud computing has now established itself as a core business tool for many of the world’s largest… Read More »

VXL appoints Feeder as its new French thin client software distributor

VXL announce a new distribution agreement with leading French IT distributor, Feeder, to supply its full range of thin and zero clients, homeworking solutions and unified endpoint management software. VXL appoints Feeder as its new French thin client & software distributor  Manchester, UK – VXL announce a new distribution agreement with leading French IT distributor, Feeder, to supply its… Read More »

Dell Hybrid Thin Client: Seamless Cloud-Optimized Computing With Ubuntu

From HotHardware Sep2020 — What Exactly Is A Dell Hybrid Thin Client (DHC)? At its core, Hybrid Client is a combination of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and hardware. It starts with the Dell systems like its OptiPlex 7070 Ultra platform or Wyse 5070 thin clients, running a highly-customized Ubuntu 18.04 Long Term Support (LTS)-based operating system. However, Dell representatives also told us… Read More »

Chromebook RFP North Carolina

New RFP for Chromebooks Yancey County Schools. Lenovo 300e Touchscreen Chromebook ● Display: 11” ● Memory: 4 GB ● Storage: 32GB Four Year Warranty ● No deductible ● Free shipping both ways when there is an incident ● Hardware fail ● Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) ● Theft/loss ● Spare parts on site, if desired ● 3-year battery warranty… Read More »

Thin Client Market Forecast August 2020

Thin Client Market Report From PRNewswire August 2020 — The $469M market is predicted by these people to reach $633 by 2027. Not a big fan of Research and Markets research market reports judging from some of the other reports they have done. A lot of internet scraping I think. I think it is worth noting that the… Read More »

Teladoc Buys Livongo – Major Telemedicine Acquisition Consolidation

Teladoc Health Wednesday announced it would acquire highflying telehealth rival Livongo From Chicago Tribune — Telemedicine involves care delivered remotely, often with a live video connection through patient smartphones or tablets. Millions of patients were forced to try it for everything from routine care to checkups with specialists after COVID-19 shut down much of the economy earlier this… Read More »

Telemedicine – Executive Order Expanding Telehealth

From FierceHealthcare Hospitals Trump signs executive order to expand telehealth, boost rural health care by  Heather Landi |  Aug 3, 2020 5:43pm Excerpt President Donald Trump issued an executive order Monday to support healthcare in rural areas by permanently expanding some telehealth services beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) officials said they plan to issue a… Read More »

Telemedicine – Request for Proposal Cherokee Nation

Introduction: The Cherokee Nation is the federally recognized government of the Cherokee people and thereby has sovereign status granted by treaty and law. Tribal sovereignty is the right to selfgovernance. The seat of tribal government is the W.W. Keeler Complex near Tahlequah, Oklahoma, capital of the Cherokee Nation. The jurisdictional area of the Cherokee Nation (hereinafter “Nation”) covers… Read More »

Cloudflare Eating AWS’s Serverless Lunch

Cloudflare Serverless From Data Center Knowledge Jul 2020 Its CEO says the new serverless platform is cheaper and faster than Amazon’s, Microsoft’s, and Google’s. Yevgeniy Sverdlik | Jul 27, 2020 Excerpt:   Matthew Prince says what the new cloud service engineers at his company Cloudflare have cooked up beats competing services by the three cloud giants – AWS, Azure, and Google… Read More »

KMA Adds Product Listings for COVID19

See BusinessWire for KMA release — the COVID19 situation has advanced to where the KMA has found it necessary and useful to have separate product listings for software and hardware solutions in the COVID space. This includes the ultimate thin clients which enable touchless operation of computer stations. The mobile becomes the remote control proxy. Excerpt: WESTMINSTER, Colo.–(BUSINESS… Read More »

Thin Client Review HP t640

From Storage Review Jul 2020 and Tom Fenton — In this article, we will give an in-depth overview of the t640 VDI client’s specifications, design and build quality, and a summary of the testing that we carried out on it. We will then lay out the key findings from those tests and provide our thoughts about the device… Read More »

Thin Client vs. PC Debate VDI endpoints

From VirtualDesktop Jul2020 —  IT has the responsibility to provide virtual desktop endpoints that maximize UX based on the use cases, so admins should learn the different sides of the thin client vs. PC debate. By Jo Harder End-user requirements for thin clients vs. PC endpoints Even the best ticket system will result in some delays for users, and… Read More »

Telehealth Telemedicine Projects RFPs – July 2020

Telehealth Telemedicine Projects The world of telemedicine and telehealth is expanding and much of the base infrastructure, on both sides of the aisle, is thin client computing.  Especially given the HIPAA regulations the handling of patient data is extremely important.  Generally most telemedicine telehealth client stations are “cloud clients”. Here are some from today for reference Program Name… Read More »

Microsoft Citrix Partnership Grows Deeper

Microsoft Citrix Partnership July 2020 From the Verge July 2020 — Microsoft and Citrix have been working together closely for decades, but that partnership is going a step further today. Microsoft is partnering with Citrix to use the company’s Citrix Workspace portal as its “preferred digital workspace solution,” and Citrix is using Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud… Read More »