Thinclient RFP Varian

By | March 31, 2019

On behalf of Varian Medical Systems (VMS) the VIT-Infra team pleased to reach out to your firm regarding a new potential business opportunity.

VIT- Infra team seeks a preferred Supplier to provide a Proposal for Thin Client Endpoints Supporting VMware Workspace One Horizon Platform.

You’ll find further details outlining the proposed business scope in the attached RFI/RFP document.


Please note, while we believe the above timeline is intentionally generous, it is expected all Bidders can meets date targets.

further note, all communications are instructed to go through [email protected].  In the interest of complete fair play and equality, we request no communications are to go to Varian’s VIT-Infra team or any members of the team to this particular RFP effort.

Again, on behalf of the entire Varian’s VIT-infra team, we thank you for your interest in providing services to Varian and welcome your involvement in this RFI/RFP opportunity.

Thank You,

Sridhar Gonaguntla

C: 408-390-6330

[email protected]

Varian ThinClient RFI_03272019