Microsoft Says Windows Will Run Docker, the Next Big Thing in Cloud Computing | WIRED

By | October 15, 2014

The next big thing in cloud computing doesn’t work with Microsoft’s Windows operating system. But Microsoft wants to change that. As part of its ongoing effort to embrace the latest tech trends, Microsoft says it’s building a version of Windows that will offer something akin to Docker—a technology originally created for the Linux operating system…


Microsoft has fallen behind the competition in many ways—most large web services run atop Linux and most cloud services are geared toward Linux—but the company is intent on making up lost ground. It already provides a way of running Linux—and Linux Docker containers—atop its own cloud service, Microsoft Azure, and now, it’s taking another step by adding containers to Windows. This isn’t the sort of thing Microsoft would have done in the past. Traditionally, it was loath to play nicely with the Linux world. But now, the company realizes it must.