IGEL adds to executive team to leverage triple digit North American growth

By | July 23, 2019

IGEL North America

The increase in big deals bringing in larger customers is a key reason behind the appointment of Brad Richards as IGEL’s first Chief Customer Officer.

At the Microsoft Inspire event where they are in attendance this week, IGEL announced extremely strong triple digit growth over the past year. They are also emphasizing that they are capitalizing on this surge with the addition of multiple net-new additions to the executive team to further drive growth, especially around the major public clouds.

“When I considered taking this job three years ago, people told me not to,” said Jed Ayres, who joined German-headquartered  IGEL in the spring of 2016 as President and CEO of IGEL North America, and has since added the global CMO role as well. “I was told that IGEL is a German company that sells commodity hardware in a dying industry – VDI. But it’s software, it’s Linux, the German part has been a gift, and Microsoft and Amazon have brought new life to the category. Us being agnostic lets us take advantage of it all.”

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