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Fujitsu Launches a New Enterprise Thin Client Model

Fujitsu Launches a New Enterprise Thin Client Model Fujitsu has announced the release of a new thin model PC to the Fujitsu Thin Client Future lineup, the Futro S740/ The Futro S740 features an updated, ultra-small desktop chassis in a new compact design. The size of the chassis for the S740 has been reduced by about 63% compared with the previous S720 model, while maintaining the same level of interface expandability, delivering support for features such as WiFi, USB and external displays. With the addition of a custom made mount kit, it is now also possible to attach the client chassis directly to the VESA mount of an LCD display,… Read More »

Fujitsu announces three new thin clients for enterprise use – NotebookCheck.net News

A new desktop thin client and two new notebook thin clients from Fujitsu offer compact computing for businesses who use a centralized access server to protect company data and improve security. These thin clients run low-powered hardware but offer fast networking connections. The operating systems supported are eLux RP6 or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

Source: www.notebookcheck.net

The notebook-based FUTRO MA576 and MU937 are expected to release around the end of April in Japan at retail prices of JP¥99,500 (US$930) and JP¥158,900 (US$1480) respectively. The desktop-based FUTRO S740 should release in late May at an MSRP of JP¥59,600 (US$555). While this initial release is for Japan only, Fujitsu devices often make it to Europe not long afterward and some models have started appearing in the United States now too.