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IGEL Thin Client Award – Honored with CRN 2017 Tech Innovator Award

The IGEL UD Pocket recognized by CRN for innovation, creativity and unique features that help solution providers solve end users’ IT challenges.

Source: www.businesswire.com

IGEL UD Pocket is a groundbreaking micro thin client device which enables remote and mobile workers to access cloud services, server-based computing applications and virtual desktops by plugging a tiny device into any x86 machine, including Macs. After connecting to the internet, it automatically integrates into the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) for secure remote support, deployment and management. UD Pocket extends the functionality of existing hardware by enabling a second tightly managed operating system to run on an endpoint. Once the user has finished accessing their virtual desktop environment through the IGEL UD Pocket, they can simply reboot their principal OS and return to the original desktop. UD Pocket delivers any device, any application and any cloud solution that is foundational to a modern, mobile, software defined thin client solution.

Thin Client Manufacturer – German thin client market leader expands its international growth continues

IGEL Technology: German thin client market leader expands its international growth continues IGEL is the undisputed According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), a market leader for thin clients in Germany and backed this position with a market share of 30%. In international comparison the Bremen thin and zero client specialist maintains its position at number 5 in… Read More »

IGEL & Friends geht in die zweite Runde: IGEL mit großer Partner-Roadshow wieder auf Tour

Bremen 3. März 2015 – Nach der erfolgreichen Premiere 2014 legt IGEL seine Endkunden-Roadshow neu auf. Um noch mehr interessierten Kunden die Teilnahme zu ermöglichen, ist IGEL & Friends in diesem Jahr sogar in vierzehn deutschen Städten von Nord bis Süd zu Gast. Vom 24. März bis zum 06. Mai erwartet die Besucher an jedem der Standorte ein… Read More »