Thin Client Case Study – Brent & 10Zig

By | October 16, 2015

Brent Borough Council saw a 33% reduction in carbon emissions and energy consumption using 10ZiG Thin Clients

 “We were a traditional XP fat client estate and were experiencing problems with log-in times and maintenance of the PC’s across our sites. PC’s were generally taking between 20-30 minutes to log-on and even 45 minutes in some cases. When you added this time up over a week, month or year then it was a serious issue for the productivity of our workforce. We were also finding the PC’s challenging to support, particularly with implementing patches or providing general maintenance.

We have 2150 desktops spread across 50 sites, with the majority, 1650, housed at our Civic Centre. The other 500 are spread over the other 49 locations and we needed 4 vans and just shy of 70 support staff throughout the various IT scatter teams in order to keep the lights on.”