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Thin Clients, Zero Clients, Android Stations and Cloud Clients
Since 1999, has been reporting the thin client computing market as well as the ChromeBook, Zero Client, Android clients, Pi Raspberry Clients and Thick Client market. Generally the cloud computing market since it started with companies such as Citrix back in the late 80s.

A thin client is a lightweight[vague] computer that has been optimized for establishing a remote connection with a server-based computing environment. The server does most of the work, which can include launching software programs, performing calculations, and storing data. This contrasts with a fat client or a conventional personal computer; the former is also intended for working in a client–server model but has significant local processing power, while the latter aims to perform its function mostly locally.

Thin client hardware generally supports a keyboard, mouse, monitor, jacks for sound peripherals, and open ports for USB devices (e.g., printer, flash drive, webcam). Some thin clients include legacy serial or parallel ports to support older devices such as receipt printers, scales or time clocks. Thin client software typically consists of a graphical user interface (GUI), cloud access agents (e.g., RDP, ICA, PCoIP), a local web browser, terminal emulators (in some cases), and a basic set of local utilities.

St George’s NHS Trust implemented Praim thin clients and ThinMan remote management console

With thousands of staff caring for patients around the clock, St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust is the largest healthcare provider in southwest London. With over 7,000 dedicated staff, St George’s Healthcare serves an overall population of 1.3 million across southwest London. A large number of services, such as cardiothoracic medicine and surgery, neurosciences and renal transplantation, also cover… Read More »

IGEL’s DISRUPT forum brings together technology thought leaders

IGEL’s DISRUPT forum brings together technology thought leaders to address the latest challenges in End User Computing  Register to see the latest End User Computing innovations, hear from industry experts and leading solutions providers or attend technical boot camps  Reading, UK. November 27th, 2017 – IGEL, a world leader in endpoint management software for the secure enterprise, today announced plans for… Read More »

Scheduled Activities & Event Activities

Being part of an IT department involves a 360 degree commitment to ordinary and extraordinary infrastructure management activities. These activities may, however, prove to be onerous in terms of time and resources to employ. For this reason, it is important to use tools that allow the IT department to perform these operations as quickly as possible. source:

IT Automation: The benefits of centralised management of your company workstations

In a sense, having an easy-to-manage infrastructure has always been the true target of the IT departments in all companies, although management simplicity does not have to translate into a bottleneck of performances perceived by end users and reflecting on overall productivity. The main requirement in this digital transformation scenario is to provide solutions that optimise the corporate… Read More »

IGEL UMS Enhanced Universal Management Suite®; Adds Asset Inventory Tracking Capabilities

Updated management software provides IT organisations with visibility into USB and Bluetooth assets connected to IGEL OS-powered endpoints; offers a migration path to third-party asset management tools   Reading, UK. Aug. 31, 2017 – IGEL, a world leader in endpoint management software for the secure enterprise, announced today that it has updated the IGEL Universal Management Suite® (UMS) to include Asset… Read More »

New 10ZiG Quad Core 4K Thin Client & Zero Client Series Featuring 3-Monitor Support, Touch Technology, and PoE Option to Debut at VMworld

10ZiG Technology® is primed to reveal its new 5900q Thin Client & Zero Client Series with exceptional 3-monitor 4KUHD support, innovative touch technology, and PoE option at VMworld Las Vegas 2017. New 10ZiG Quad Core 4K Thin Client & Zero Client Series Featuring 3-Monitor Support, Touch Technology, and PoE Option to Debut at VMworld Las Vegas 2017  Enterprising… Read More »

Managing Windows access to VDI with Praim Agile

An often-overlooked aspect of migrating to a remote desktop computing infrastructure is the existing desktops. Some installations plan and develop a hardened Windows build with restricted capabilities and the bare minimum of functionality. Other implementations look to repurposing software, like Praim’s ThinOX4PC to convert PCs into thin clients, either as an interim solution prior to migration to dedicated… Read More »

Skype for Business – VMware optimised solution

One of the innovations recently announced by VMware is the optimised solution for Skype for Business.   R&D department at Praim decided to test this new solution.   From an architectural point of view, the optimised VMware solution is not far from what other virtualization vendors have already proposed, it is about the client’s ability to create a… Read More »

HP Delivers Software to Accelerate Move to Cloud Computing

Today at Citrix Synergy, HP announced a software bundle to repurpose aging PCs for use as thin clients. Software bundle repurposes aging PCs for use as thin clients Orlando, FL. at Citrix Synergy, May 23, 2017 – A new HP software bundle is making it easier to accelerate a businesses’ transition from traditional local computing strategies to a… Read More »

Thin Clients, are they still a thing? – Techstringy podcast

How and why thin clients still have a place in modern IT infrastructure? Paul Stringfellow from Techstringy interviewed Praim UK Territory Manager, Tony Main in the newest episode of Tech Interviews.The interview talks about the history of thin clients and how from rather dumb low power endpoints they became modern high powered and flexible devices.The podcast is very… Read More »

Iris Hatzenbichler’s new marketing director EMEA at IGEL Technology

Der Endpoint-Management-Spezialist setzt für seine europäischen Marketing-Aktivitäten auf die über 16-jährige Erfahrung von Iris Hatzenbichler, die zuvor bereits für namhafte Software-Unternehmen erfolgreich war.   Bremen, 16. Mai 2017 – Iris Hatzenbichler ist neue Marketingdirektorin EMEA bei IGEL Technology. Ab sofort verantwortet sie in dieser Position die gesamten Marketing-Aktivitäten des Unternehmens für Europa. Auf Basis ihrer jahrelangen Erfahrung in der… Read More »

10ZiG Technology Finalises Company Rebrand & Unveils Completely Redesigned, Fully Featured Website

10ZiG, a world-market leader in Thin & Zero Client VDI Technology proudly announces the launch of its entirely redesigned, user-friendly, fully featured website. Leicester, UK – 10ZiG, a world-market leader in Thin & Zero Client VDI Technology proudly announces the launch of its entirely redesigned, user-friendly, fully featured website, The new website launch is the final phase… Read More »

10ZiG Achieves Imprivata OneSign Certification Healthcare

10ZiG Achieves Imprivata OneSign Certification on Linux Based Thin and Zero Clients for Healthcare 10ZiG Technology® achieves full certification of Imprivata® OneSign® Single-Sign-On (SSO) following integration into their PeakOS Linux Thin Clients and NOS Software Zero Clients. Leicester, UK – 10ZiG is now offering fully certified Imprivata OneSign® on their PeakOS™ Linux Thin Clients and NOS™ Software Zero… Read More »

VMware© Certifies Industry Leading 10ZiG Blast Zero Clients for VMware Horizon 7 [RealWire]

VMware certifies industry leading 4448v and 5848qv 10ZiG Blast Zero Clients from 10ZiG for VMware Horizon 7 VDI platform. VMware© Certifies Industry Leading 10ZiG Blast Zero Clients for VMware Horizon 7 VMware Horizon 7 and Blast Extreme protocol incorporates standardized H.264 video Codec, improving efficiency and speed via hardware encoding and decoding. Leicester, UK – VMware certifies industry… Read More »

10ZiG Technology High Performance Quad Core Dual DP (DisplayPort) Thin Client

A new advanced dual DP (DisplayPort) quad core Thin Client, the 5800qd, with dual screen resolution up to 2560×1600. The 5800qd is the newest high performance addition to the successful 5800q series, 10ZiG Technology announces. 10ZiG Technology Launch Enhanced High Performance Quad Core Dual DP (DisplayPort) Thin Client 10ZiG Technology introducing enhanced 5800qd Thin Client featuring high-resolution Dual… Read More »

Skype for Business on IGEL Linux thin clients

Just a few weeks after the presentation by Citrix makes IGEL RealTime Media Engine version 2.0 of its Linux-based thin clients available. Another example of how quickly the thin client specialist on the demands of the market and its unified communications portfolio is constantly improving. Bremen March 21, 2016 – Unified Communication is and will remain on the… Read More »

Thin Client – IGEL Tech Channel Videos

The German thin client market leader IGEL’s service offering for customers and partners continues: Starting today offers “IGEL Techchannel” accumulated knowledge about solutions and products in the field of IGEL Managed Workspace. Each week the channel grows to a new video and upload unde[email protected] an interaction. [Translated] Bremen March 2, 2016 – The IGEL solution portfolio continues to… Read More »

Thin Client – Central IT management made easy: The IGEL Management Interface

The IGEL Management Interface (IMI) enables integration of the IGEL Universal Management Suite with existing enterprise management systems. In particular, companies with large or distributed client infrastructures benefit from being able to make their workflows even more efficient and further increase IT administration automation. Reading, UK. October 7, 2015 – To accompany the launch of the new Universal… Read More »

Energy Audit from IGEL

By the end of the year approximately 92,000 companies have to carry out an energy audit in Germany, so it wants the Energy Services Act. But where and how can we effectively save electricity? Often take a look at the work-IT, the centralized and with thin clients much more energy efficient and ecological can operate. Bremen September 28,… Read More »