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Thin Clients, Zero Clients, Android Stations and Cloud Clients
Since 1999, has been reporting the thin client computing market as well as the ChromeBook, Zero Client, Android clients, Pi Raspberry Clients and Thick Client market. Generally the cloud computing market since it started with companies such as Citrix back in the late 80s.

A thin client is a lightweight[vague] computer that has been optimized for establishing a remote connection with a server-based computing environment. The server does most of the work, which can include launching software programs, performing calculations, and storing data. This contrasts with a fat client or a conventional personal computer; the former is also intended for working in a client–server model but has significant local processing power, while the latter aims to perform its function mostly locally.

Thin client hardware generally supports a keyboard, mouse, monitor, jacks for sound peripherals, and open ports for USB devices (e.g., printer, flash drive, webcam). Some thin clients include legacy serial or parallel ports to support older devices such as receipt printers, scales or time clocks. Thin client software typically consists of a graphical user interface (GUI), cloud access agents (e.g., RDP, ICA, PCoIP), a local web browser, terminal emulators (in some cases), and a basic set of local utilities.

Thin Client News March 2024

Thin Client News March Digest   UnitedHealth confirms Optum hack behind US healthcare billing outage – Bill Toulas Healthcare giant UnitedHealth Group confirmed that its subsidiary Optum was forced to shut down IT systems and various services after a cyberattack … Brave browser brings new AI reading features to its privacy-focused chatbot Digiday  – By Marty Swant… Read More »

Thin Client News November 26

Thin Client News The Industry Group 2 days ago Broadcom restructures VMware into four divisions after closing $61B acquisition – SiliconANGLE – Maria Deutscher Broadcom Inc. has reorganized VMware into four divisions that are each responsible for a different subset of the virtualization giant’s products. The … The Industry Group 5 days ago Citrix warns admins to… Read More »

Thin Client News October 2023

Thin Client News More news from October 2023 in the Thin Client computing space 5 days ago Easily run AI models locally on your PC, Mac and Linux – Julian Horsey If you are interested in trying out the latest AI models and large language models that have been trained in different ways. Or would simply like… Read More »

Thin Client aka Thinclient October Newsbits

Thin Client Computing News Newsbits October Datapoints —  2023 Global Thin Clients Market Recent Developments: According to a report on LinkedIn, the global thin clients market size was valued at USD 989.34 million in 2022. It is expected to expand at a CAGR of 3.84% during the forecast period. 4 days ago Raspberry Pi OS Is Now Based… Read More »

Thin Client News – Citrix Hack and more

Most recent stories in Thin Client Recommended 2022 The Industry Group 2 days ago Almost 2,000 Citrix NetScaler servers backdoored in hacking campaign – Ionut Ilascu A threat actor has compromised close to 2,000 thousand Citrix NetScaler servers in a massive campaign exploiting the critical-severity remote code … The Industry Group 15:20 1 day ago VDI, EUC,… Read More »

Thin Client News This Week

THIN CLIENT RECOMMENDED 2022 by The Industry Group Invite contributorsAdd to Magazine Most recent stories in Thin Client Recommended 2022 The Industry Group 2 days ago You Should Enable Google’s New Reading Mode for Android Lifehacker – Khamosh Pathak Reading mode makes every article easy to read in just a tap. For all its advantages, Android has never had… Read More »

Thin Client News Friday July 21

Thin Client News This Week Microsoft: Hackers turn Exchange servers into malware control centers – – Lawrence Abrams Microsoft and the Ukraine CERT warn of new attacks by the Russian state-sponsored Turla hacking group, targeting the defense industry and Microsoft … You should delete Windows 11 and install Ubuntu-based Linux Mint 21.2 ‘Victoria’ now — – By… Read More »

Thin Client News May 1 – VMware, RTM Locker

Most recent stories in Thin Client Recommended 2022 The Industry Group 6 days ago VMware fixes critical zero-day exploit chain used at Pwn2Own – Sergiu Gatlan VMware has released security updates to address zero-day vulnerabilities that could be chained to gain code execution systems running unpatched … The Industry Group 4 days ago Linux version of RTM… Read More »

Thin Client News Wrap December 2022

Quite a bit of news in the thin client world this month. Comcast Customers Face a Huge Holiday Data Breach TheStreet – Sarah Jean Callahan First a price hike, then Comcast customers got an unwanted present for the holidays (how to know if you are impacted). Comcast (CMCSA) – Get Free … This 45 year-old Unix tool is… Read More »

Orphan Posts Find It

Assisting Google   About Thin Client Computing Welcome to Thin Client Computing Sponsors Thin Client Sponsors – PROVISIO software lockdown BYOD – Expect Device Freedom VMware enlists more than 1000 social media evangelists | #vmworld – SiliconANGLE (blog) Platform as a Service (PaaS) Market worth $6.94 Billion by 2018 3 Reasons VMware, Inc.’s Shares Could Fall BYOD… Read More »

Thin Client News Recommended – June 22

Thin Client News June 22, 2022 We monitor and quick blog thin client and cloud related recommended news on — here is sampling of latest 18 hours ago Google’s Naveen Viswanatha On The Evolving Business For Chrome-Run Digital Signage And Kiosks – Dave Haynes The prevailing impression of Google and digital signage is that the tech… Read More »

PoE Signage or AV-over-IP as some call it

AV-Over-IP Digital Signage First noted on Sixteen:Nine — The solution is as much or more about things like big displays for control rooms and ops centers, but more conventional workplace digital signage would be another type of endpoint. Editors Note: Generally, AV-over-IP is the long version of PoE. Big deal in thinclient world. Advantages are: Cat5 already in place, much greater… Read More »

Hotel chain converts Windows PCs to Chrome OS

Ransomware is a modern cost factor and that means recovering from. For this hotel chain converting to Chromebooks solved that logistical nightmare– From 9to5Google — In Brief Hotel chain laptops victimized by ransomware attack 2000 laptops is problematic Instead the Lenovo ThinkPads were converted with CloudReady final count now stands at 3,500 machines, while the company opted to… Read More »

PCI Compliance for Unattended Self-Service Kiosks Announcements

PCI Compliance for self service kiosks announcement on PRNewswire KIosk Manufacturer Logo WESTMINSTER, Colo., Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA), the leading unattended self-service kiosk association established in 1995, today announced the launch of new initiatives in the PCI Compliance space for unattended self-service kiosks. Those initiatives include providing content for the PCI Perspectives Blog, creating a… Read More »

Patient Registration Kiosk – Advantage Series

Advantage Series – Patient Kiosks Patient Registration Kiosk Systems – Advantage Series A focus on health and safety Healthcare Kiosk Patient Check-In Frank Mayer Patient kiosks allow staff to focus on what matters – streamlining the check-in process and keeping employees healthy. Healthcare kiosks offer a high quality of care to patients and guests who walk through your… Read More »

Cloud Computing Shaping the Modern Workforce

Cloud Computing and the Modern Workforce From Techspective Nov 2020 — Excerpt: BY PHILLIP JOHNSON ON NOVEMBER 11, 2020CLOUD, CLOUD APPS, CLOUD DATA, HYBRID CLOUD, STRATEGY Organizations are enhancing safety and security, reducing costs and increasing operational flexibility by using cloud computing platforms. After two decades of advances, cloud computing has now established itself as a core business tool for many of the world’s largest… Read More »

VXL appoints Feeder as its new French thin client software distributor

VXL announce a new distribution agreement with leading French IT distributor, Feeder, to supply its full range of thin and zero clients, homeworking solutions and unified endpoint management software. VXL appoints Feeder as its new French thin client & software distributor  Manchester, UK – VXL announce a new distribution agreement with leading French IT distributor, Feeder, to supply its… Read More »

Cloudflare Eating AWS’s Serverless Lunch

Cloudflare Serverless From Data Center Knowledge Jul 2020 Its CEO says the new serverless platform is cheaper and faster than Amazon’s, Microsoft’s, and Google’s. Yevgeniy Sverdlik | Jul 27, 2020 Excerpt:   Matthew Prince says what the new cloud service engineers at his company Cloudflare have cooked up beats competing services by the three cloud giants – AWS, Azure, and Google… Read More »

KMA Adds Product Listings for COVID19

See BusinessWire for KMA release — the COVID19 situation has advanced to where the KMA has found it necessary and useful to have separate product listings for software and hardware solutions in the COVID space. This includes the ultimate thin clients which enable touchless operation of computer stations. The mobile becomes the remote control proxy. Excerpt: WESTMINSTER, Colo.–(BUSINESS… Read More »

10ZiG® Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Partner

ICYMI – ’10ZiG® Technology Established as Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Integrated Partner Provider’ > Rean th announcement here > #WVD #WindowsVirtualDesktop #Microsoft #Cloud #CloudComputing #10ZiG 10ZiG® Technology Established as Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Integrated Partner Provider PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in the cloud, is now partnering with 10ZiG Technology Thin & Zero Clients.… Read More »

Temperature Verification Kiosk

Temperature Verification Kiosks Temperature checks on employees and visitors is becoming commonplace for many businesses, hospitals, grocery stores, retailers and a host of others. Temperature sensing kiosks can help stem a crisis and optimize a return to business as employees and guests return to work and entertainment venues. Olea Temperature Sensing Kiosk from Craig Keefner on Vimeo. Reference page on Olea Kiosks… Read More »

VXL Software offers 6-month licences to help organisations pivot easily to homeworking

Thin Client – Convert Home PC or Laptop to Secure Corporate Endpoint VXL is helping organisations shift rapidly to homeworking, by offering a low-cost, 6-month licence for software which easily converts current desktops and laptops – including home PCs – into secure corporate endpoints. VXL Software offers 6-month licences to help organisations pivot easily to homeworking VXL is… Read More »

New Smart City RFP Site

In April we launched the Smart City Design website which features RFPs, Contracts, News, Resources and more. It is the plan to provide more focus on markets such as Smart City, Digital Signage, POS aka Point-Of-Sale markets. These are important markets for Thin Clients which typically like to think the primary market is corporate America via Dell or… Read More »

CSUN 2020 Assistive Technology

CSUN Assistive Technology Conference From Kiosk Industry Come to the 2020 Exhibit Hall and experience first-hand the cutting-edge assistive technology offered in over 100 booths. For 34 years, thousands have attended the CSUN Conference’s free Exhibit Hall to have the opportunity to directly interact with the providers who develop the technology, products and services designed to promote inclusion… Read More »