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Sustainable IT? Learn how to save 95% on your bill – De veilige online werkplek: WorkingOnlineThin Client Zero Client  Sustainable IT? Learn how to save 95% on your bill2

Sustainable IT hasn’t really made a big breakthrough yet. Sure, big corporations have their ‘green’ mission statements but it’s all kind of obligatory.  Time to take a deeper look at sustainability.


Take a look at the financial numbers when you have 250 pc’s versus 250 smart terminals: 250 pc’s will cost you EUR 1320,- a month and EUR 15.840 a year. 250 smart terminals will cost you EUR 59,40 a month, and EUR 712,80 a year. That’s not only a huge difference in unnecessary wasted energy, it’s a huge difference in your wallet as well.


Next step is to calculate the amount of CO2 we can save by using smart terminals. The 50 pc’s consume 15.840 kWh on a yearly basis. The 50 smart terminals consume 712,8 kWh on a yearly basis. In CO2 units this is a 9346 kg footprint for the pc’s versus 421 kg for the smart terminals.

IGEL Technology: Von der Green IT zum grünen Unternehmen

IGEL_Green_Company The German thin client market leader writes climate protection and energy saving not only the product side quite large. With numerous internal projects IGEL is also working on its own life cycle and anchored the issue of climate change in corporate strategy. Bremen September 9, 2014 – With its thin client solutions, IGEL offers an extremely energy-efficient… Read More »