IGEL thin clients certified by Citrix for intense graphics

Release summary: Using thin clients for high performance computing with graphics intensive applications is now a reality thanks to a combination of IGEL thin clients and Citrix HDX 3D Pro.

Reading, UK. 27th July 2015 – Using thin clients for high performance computing with graphics intensive applications is now a reality thanks to a combination of IGEL thin clients and Citrix HDX IGEL UD6_with_quad_core_logo3D Pro. Citrix has awarded both the IGEL UD5 and UD6 thin clients with Citrix HDX Premium Certification including HDX 3D Pro.

HDX 3D Pro is a set of graphics acceleration technologies designed to optimize the virtualization of rich graphics apps such as computer-aided design, manufacturing, and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) applications, Geographical information system (GIS) software and Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) workstations for medical imaging.

“In the past, customers have had to keep isolated islands of PCs in their business if they were using graphics intensive applications, resulting in more costly and complicated management,” said Simon Richards, IGEL Managing Director for UK & Ireland. “This certification removes that headache. Businesses can now confidently deploy IGEL thin clients across their entire desktop estate and benefit from our fantastic centralized management and user functionality and reduced support costs. With Citrix and IGEL, they will now be able to confidently provide thin clients for workstations that require a particularly high-performance system and still benefit from a virtual, centralized and remotely managed IT infrastructure.”

With virtualized, shared graphics resources (vGPU), industries that require particularly high levels of computing power, such as architecture, engineering, planning and design can now confidently use IGEL thin clients. With their sophisticated hardware framework, they are equipped to handle even the most demanding graphics, 3D or multimedia applications. While the IGEL UD5 with dual core processor is ideal for 2D workstations with high multimedia requirements, the IGEL UD6 with quad core CPU and 2 GB RAM is the right choice for professional 3D applications.

The combination of certified hardware and an appropriate server infrastructure opens up entirely new possibilities for the use of private cloud-based IT models, particularly in the engineering sector. Companies using CAD, for example, can now take full advantage of the benefits of central data storage, a standardized backup strategy, security and team collaboration through the online availability of all data. The HDX Engine constantly analyzes the combined use of resources, such as the computing power of the virtualized server graphics processor, the applications and end devices as well as the bandwidth. HDX automatically adjusts the quality of transmissions to ensure that users do not experience any drop in performance. IT managers can achieve optimum scaling and, depending on the vGPU profile, can allow up to eight users per graphics processor to work simultaneously.

About IGEL Technology

A world leader in thin and zero client solutions, IGEL Technology helps organizations improve the agility, efficiency, and security of their virtual desktop and application delivery systems. IGEL produces one of the industry’s widest range of hardware thin and zero clients, based on Linux and Microsoft Windows, and leads the market in software based thin clients allowing customers to access a broad spectrum of server-based infrastructures and applications. IGEL also offers powerful and intuitive management software for easy deployment and administration of thin clients throughout any size organization. Partnerships with industry leaders like Citrix, VMware, Red Hat, and Microsoft ensure that IGEL provides the most up-to-date technology and trustworthy security to clients in industries that include Healthcare, Education & Research, Public Sector, Financial, Insurance, Retail, Logistics, and Manufacturing. IGEL has offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore and is represented by partners in over 50 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit www.igel.co.uk or follow us on Twitter:twitter.com/IGEL_Technology

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Thin client RFP – India Railways

Email received –

I am in Govt. business and presently I have one very good tender enq. from Indian Railways for the Supply, assembly, installation, commissioning and integration of Thin clients, UPS, kiosks, printers, biometric devices, BA devices , Touch screen if you have any company who is interested in this please contact immediately because time is very less, tender is due on 24th July, 2015. The tender of the same is attached here with for your perusal.


Userful Integrates Powerful UIEvolution Content Platform Into Versatile Video Wall Solution

Userful’s Network Video Wall is the first video wall solution to deliver 4k and higher content in real-time over the network. It supports multiple video walls from a single, standard PC and is entirely managed through a browser. With the UIE ExperienceManager platform, now integrated as a plugin into the Userful solution, Hospitality, Cruise and Retail customers can easily deploy content onto Userful’s high-performance, cost-effective video walls.

Source: www.marketwatch.com

Userful is the trusted provider of over 1 million displays in over 100 countries and works with zero- and thin-client devices from world-class partners such as ViewSonic, Thinglobal, Atrust, Centerm and HP. userful.com

IGEL Citrix HDX Premium certification

### Citrix underlines the efficiency of the high-end models IGEL UD5 and UD6. Both devices meet the requirements of the HDX Premium IGEL Thin clientPolicies and recommend itself as a high-performance thin client for the provision of graphics-intensive applications via XenDesktop. ###

### Citrix unterstreicht die Leistungsfähigkeit der IGEL High-End-Modelle UD5 und UD6. Beide Geräte erfüllen die Vorgaben der HDX Premium Richtlinien und empfehlen sich damit als hochperformante Thin Clients für die Bereitstellung grafikintensiver Anwendungen über XenDesktop. ###

Thanks virtualized, shared graphics resources (vgpu) can now be an efficient and safe over a thin client also particularly power-hungry jobs in architecture, engineering, planning and design.Virtualisation specialist Citrix provides the HDX 3D Pro feature of XenDesktop the necessary high-performance protocol for a smooth transition. However, the devices used must comply with for the seamless interaction and the best user experience a list of requirements, the Citrix has defined verification in its HDX Premium.

The IGEL UD5 and UD6 are available now at this circuit because they offer with their sophisticated hardware framework the best prerequisites for the provision of sophisticated graphics, 3D or multimedia applications. The IGEL UD5 with dual-core processor is ideal for 2D -Arbeitsplätze with high multimedia requirements. In professional 3D range of IGEL UD6 with quad-core CPU and 2GB of RAM is the right choice.


Rackspace Announces Azure Cloud services with Fanatical Support

Over 200,000 businesses trust Rackspace, the managed cloud company. We design, build, and run the best cloud for your needs, and back it with Fanatical Support®.

Source: www.rackspace.com

This week Rackspace announced “fanatical support” for Microsoft Azure. “The constant evolution of Microsoft Azure—and the addition of new features—can make Azure a challenge to adopt and manage. When you hand management responsibilities to Rackspace, we help ensure you get the most out of Azure.”

Thin Client – Explaining the Cloud: What the Heck is PaaS Anyway?

The enterprise is in the middle of an explosion of growth in mobility and data. The old, insular model for developing “in-house” solutions is showing its age—in many cases on-premise IT simply can’…

Source: solutions-review.com

Good read.  

Excerpt:  In the past, enterprise cloud adoption was primarily focused on software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings, but lately there’s been an increasing call for enterprise adoption of the middle sibling of the cloud family: platform as a service (PaaS).

So what is PaaS? And why is it so important?

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a model of cloud computing in which a vendor provides the user with the hardware and software tools necessary to create, deploy and manage applications at scale via the internet, as a service.  Here’s how renowned IT research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc. defines PaaS in their IT glossary:

“A [PaaS] offering, usually depicted in all cloud diagrams between the SaaS layer above it and the IaaS layer below, is a broad collection of applicationinfrastructure (middleware) services (including application platform, integration, business process management, and database services). However, the hype surrounding the PaaS concept is focused mainly on application PaaS as the representative of the whole category.”

BYOD management – Fusion UDM Premium ‘device management for everyone

With the latest release of Fusion UDM (Universal Device Manager) BYOD ManagementPremium, VXL Software brings enterprise-class device management within the reach of almost every business.

Device management isn’t new – but until now it’s only typically been within the reach of larger organisations – those which enjoy big IT budgets and employ sizeable IT teams. The new version of VXL Software’s Fusion UDM Premium aims to level the playing field.

“Our aim with Fusion UDM Premium is to break down the barriers to ownership of enterprise-class management products,” says VXL Software’s VP of Sales, Frank Noon.

Fusion UDM Premium offers the kind of device management power that large corporations expect, but with lower, simpler pricing.

“Our customers tell us that mainstream device management software can be complicated to budget for and may have many hidden costs. With VXL Software’s Fusion UDM Premium, costs are straightforward and nothing is hidden. Each Fusion UDM Premium licence is perpetual – it lasts for the life of the device. For the first year, access to our world-class support is an affordable percentage of the licence fee – and is optional thereafter. And that’s it.”

Lower prices don’t mean a cut-down product. According to Noon, Fusion UDM Premium “compares very favourably with the market leaders, feature-for-feature”.

This combination of simple pricing, low costs and powerful features opens up device management to companies of almost every size – and is especially attractive to those organisations which have small IT teams, supporting perhaps 100–1,000 users, but would like to enjoy the same device management as large enterprises.

VXL Software’s Fusion UDM Premium enables organisations to control their inventory, ensure software licensing compliance, manage security, predict and manage hardware failures, roll out upgrades and patches with ease – and much more. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support, currently in development, will be added free for users who buy now.

Fusion UDM Premium supports the management of devices running VXL Linux, Android, Windows Embedded, Windows POS – and is future-upgradeable, at no cost, to support iOS, OS X and Windows Mobile.

“Fusion UDM Premium doesn’t just deliver powerful device management,” concludes Noon. “It’s available at a price that’s unquestionable value. Our calculations, using industry-standard metrics, show that companies can achieve a full return on investment in under four months.”

VXL Software’s Fusion UDM Premium is available now, with Bring Your Own Device support available as a free upgrade later this year. Full product details are available fromwww.vxlsoftware.com.

About VXL Software

VXL Software is a division of VXL Instruments. Established in 1976, VXL is a global leading manufacturer of thin-, zero- and cloud-client devices. VXL Software develops world-class software for a range of business-focussed uses, from device management through to electronic signage.

VXL Software is a division of VXL Instruments. VXL Software is a global company, with locations in the USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, India and Singapore. VXL Software’s Americas Group is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The European headquarters is in Manchester, UK. VXL Software’s development team, and the Asia Pacific headquarters, are based in Bangalore, India.

For further information, contact: Ian Cope, VXL Marketing Manager, ian.cope@vxl.net.

PDF: Overview (1 Mb)

PDF: Tech Spec (1.09 Mb)

PDF: Whitepaper (2.05)


SDG Systems Enhances EPX Barcode Framework for Android, Adding Code Reader Driver Support

Scanners may be connected to and controlled from the USB port of the Poynt payment terminal. Developers can integrate with the Poynt terminal using a licensed driver and free SDK from SDG Systems. For un-tethered convenience, support for Bluetooth-connected Code Scanners, like the CR2300, is planned. The driver is expected to support full bi-directional communication.

Source: www.consumerelectronicsnet.com

Thin Client news – IGEL appoints Michael Murphy to grow thin client business in Scotland – Newscom

New Regional Manager looks to appoint new Scottish reseller specialists with Public Sector and Oil & Gas expertise Reading, UK. June 2nd, 2015 – IGEL Technology today announced the appointment of Michael Murphy to grow its thin client business in Scotland. Michael, with more than 12 years of Scottish and international IT industry experience, will(…)

Source: www.newscom.org

Thinclient.org – Infor Announces Industry Application Suites in the Cloud

Infor Announces Industry Application Suites in the Cloud

Source: www.infor.com

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced Infor CloudSuiteTM, the first group of industry-specific application suites available on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud. Infor CloudSuite provides beautiful software with deep industry functionality and a flexible, subscription-based delivery model that significantly reduces upfront IT expenditure. – See more at: http://www.infor.com/company/news/pressroom/pressreleases/CloudSuite/#sthash.PD8exaqu.dpuf

Learn How a School in The Netherlands Built a Digital Signage Network with Limited Resources and a Great Partner – Rise Vision

Two years ago Jeroen, a school principal in a Dutch school district, introduced the idea of switching to the Google cloud, and getting students to use Chromebooks. Today he and a colleague are able to keep 300 Chromebook devices up to date in less than a half hour per week. Jeroen, continued to lead improving…

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Thin Client – Will Microsoft Ever Let DaaS Out of the Box? Maybe — Redmond Channel Partner

Michael Fraser laid out the case in these pages a year ago for how Microsoft could shift its licensing to enable Desktop as a Service in the next year or two. We caught up with Fraser for a largely discouraging update on progress in the last year.

Source: rcpmag.com

“Microsoft should understand that if they were to offer the ability to do a Windows client OS on SPLA, it’s not going to hurt them. Hopefully, they’ll make that change. If something isn’t done within the next 12 to 18 months, people are going to move on past the desktop.”

Michael Fraser, Founder and CEO, VDI Space Inc.

digital sign – Learn how Kamado Grille brought the fun of an outdoor cookout inside, and used technology to create a whole new dining experience. – Rise Vision

What is a Kamado grill? “A traditional Japanese wood- or charcoal-fired earthen vessel used as a stove or oven.” -Wikipedia Photo source: http://www.kamadojoe.com/ Kamado Grille is a restaurant based in Raleigh North Carolina founded by two…

Source: www.risevision.com

The U.S. computer industry is dying and I’ll tell you exactly who is killing it and why – I, Cringely

We’ve lost consumer electronics, half of the automotive industry, millions of manufacturing jobs, and we’re about to lose our computer industry, too.

Source: www.cringely.com

The biggest problem being transformation by ibm and hp hasn’t been able to capitalize on smaller appliance lower margin computing.

thin client computing