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Microsoft Citrix Partnership Grows Deeper

Microsoft Citrix Partnership July 2020 From the Verge July 2020 — Microsoft and Citrix have been working together closely for decades, but that partnership is going a step further today. Microsoft is partnering with Citrix to use the company’s Citrix Workspace portal as its “preferred digital workspace solution,” and Citrix is using Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud… Read More »

Microsoft: Putting Windows 10 Inside Android Phones Could Seriously Hurt Google

Windows 10 Inside Android Phones Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) revealed two days ago that China’s No.1 smartphone vendor, Xiaomi, has signed on to test the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Microsoft will deliver a custom Windows 10 ROM for a select number of Xiaomi M Source: seekingalpha.com It makes sense therefore that Nadella would try a backdoor attempt to make more… Read More »