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Temperature Check Android

Temperature Check Stations Lots of news around temperature check kiosks these days.  These are typically small android devices equipped with camera and thermal sensor.  The sensors come from variety of places (Germany for example has one). Example temperature check sensor is Heinmann  ISO 9001-2015 certificate1Heimann Sensor Typically stand at a distance anywhere from 10 to 40 inches and… Read More »

Temperature Sensing Kiosks

Temperature Taking Kiosks Using a digital signage kiosk to take temperature has a lot of interest recently.  It could be one strategy for re-opening business and assuring customers of safety. Bob Iger, CEO of Walt Disney Co., is pondering what such a future would look like. Perhaps, he suggests, it would look like testing the temperatures of all… Read More »

Touch Screen Safe AntiMicrobial Wipes

Visit Kiosk Industry for latest updates on AntiMicrobial Wipes, Sprays, film, UV-C, Copper, Coatings and more. Last Updated on March 15, 2020 at 11:48 am Disinfectant Wipes for Touch Screen By now we have all seen and read countless articles on how best to protect ourselves and others from bacterial infection. Before we begin we want to list some recommended resources… Read More »