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Esper – Android Cloud Solutions

Android Cloud Solutions by Esper Esper exists because developers and engineers need a smart platform for Android DevOps innovation. Digital transformation is accelerating the adoption of intelligent edge devices across industries and each new use case requires better software automation. We deliver operational excellence and a stable, flexible infrastructure to help you quickly deploy your application experiences at… Read More »

VXL Software’s new Fusion EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) agent now supports the latest Android Nougat (7.0) OS

Manchester, United Kingdom – Leading developer of software and hardware solutions, VXL, today announces the release of its new Fusion EMM agent update that supports the latest Android Nougat (7.0) operating system. Ensuring all Android mobile devices are optimized for both work and personal use, this new Google release comes with some notable updates to the operating system… Read More »

Android Kiosk Self-Service

Android Thin Client Kiosk Software Here are resources for Android kiosk software for mobile, tablets and more. Google Play Sitekiosk Android lockdown free MyID Browser —  authentication Drivers License Scanners  ID Scanners IDScan … Source: Android Thin Client and Windows “Kiosk Mode” Lockdown Kiosk Mode Software Providers KioWare software for lockdown and remote monitoring Esper Android Cloud Solutions Sitekiosk –… Read More »