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Thin Clients, Zero Clients, Android Stations and Cloud Clients
Since 1999, has been reporting the thin client computing market as well as the ChromeBook, Zero Client, Android clients, Pi Raspberry Clients and Thick Client market. Generally the cloud computing market since it started with companies such as Citrix back in the late 80s.

thin client is a lightweight[vaguecomputer that has been optimized for establishing a remote connection with a server-based computing environment. The server does most of the work, which can include launching software programs, performing calculations, and storing data. This contrasts with a fat client or a conventional personal computer; the former is also intended for working in a client–server model but has significant local processing power, while the latter aims to perform its function mostly locally.

Thin client hardware generally supports a keyboard, mouse, monitor, jacks for sound peripherals, and open ports for USB devices (e.g., printer, flash drive, webcam). Some thin clients include legacy serial or parallel ports to support older devices such as receipt printers, scales or time clocks. Thin client software typically consists of a graphical user interface (GUI), cloud access agents (e.g., RDPICAPCoIP), a local web browserterminal emulators (in some cases), and a basic set of local utilities.

Here’s another reminder that Amazon is crushing Microsoft and Google in the cloud

AWS is still king in the cloud.


As shown in the chart below, AWS has generated $8.9 billion over the past 12 months, more than quadruple Microsoft’s $1.8 billion and 15 times the sales of Google’s cloud service. Even more impressive is that AWS is still seeing a whopping 72% year-over-year growth, an unprecedented growth rate for any enterprise service of its scale.


These numbers should be seen with a grain of salt, however, because they are estimates for Microsoft and Google, which don’t break out revenue for their cloud computing services, and because AWS launched its service much earlier than the other two companies’. Microsoft also has a multibillion-dollar cloud software business that is not looped into these estimates.


QNX founder Dan Dodge joins Apple

Apple Inc. is continuing to pillage the automotive software expertise of Ottawa’s QNX Software Systems, quietly hiring the company’s co-founder and former chief executive Dan Dodge earlier this year, according to media reports.


QNX software is already installed in more than half of all cars sold worldwide.

Boeing Shifts to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform

Boeing and its AerData and Jeppesen subsidiaries will move cloud-based versions of their aviation analytics applications, used by more than 300 airlines, to Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.


Currently, airlines using the apps run them primarily on their own servers. Boeing has tinkered with cloud versions delivered over the web, using platforms from Amazon.comInc. and CenturyLink Inc., among others. But the variety of cloud systems threatened to strain Boeing’s cloud-computing expertise, said Kevin Crowley, Boeing vice president of digital aviation.

Dell Leadership in Thin Client Innovation with Broadest Set of New Desktop Virtualization Solutions

Dell cloud client-computing today at Citrix Synergy unveiled its broadest portfolio of new and updated virtual workspace solutions including new thin


  • Top-of-the-Line Dell Wyse 7040 thin client specifically designed with the highest levels of security and performance
  • Cost-effective Dell Wyse 3030 LT thin client offers security, manageability and a great virtual desktop user experience based on Wyse ThinOS or ThinLinux technology
  • Wyse ThinOS 8.3 adds rich unified communications support for Skype for Business and updated features in concert with major virtual workspace solutions partners
  • New Wyse ThinLinux software optimized for thin clients provides additional OS option for Dell customers
  • Wyse Device Manager 5.7 offers new intuitive, simplified web-based UI and public cloud deployment options


10ZiG Technology | 10ZiG Technology Extends Thin Client Manager to the Cloud

Leicester, United Kingdom, 12th May 2016. 10ZiG Technology proudly announces the launch of a new Cloud Manager, allowing for management of 10ZiG Thin and Zero Clients over the Internet. The 10Zi


The 10ZiG Cloud Manager has been developed to address the changing requirements of Thin and Zero Clients to support connectivity via Cloud in addition to traditional managed networks. The introduction of 10ZiG Cloud Manager complements the existing 10ZiG Manager.


As an extension of their existing 10ZiG Manager software, 10ZiG Cloud Manager permits new and existing customers to take advantage of this new feature. The cloud based end points can be managed in exactly the same way as traditionally connected end points including LAN, WAN and VPN. This combines existing features of their 10ZiG Manager including Automatic Configuration, Power On, Shut Down, Reboot, Firmware updating and shadowing of Client endpoints.