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Mobile Thin Clients – How existing laptops can be effectively utilized as thin client devices?

Organizations today looking at secure and efficient access to VDI environments both from on-prem as well as from mobile clients may be looking at a mixture of solutions and hardware devices that can solve the needs of VDI connectivity across the board. This can lead to a mix of solutions and management challenges. Lifecycle management of end user workstations is certainly one of the challenges faced by organizations with the tremendous capital outlay required to rotate out end user workstations. Workstations are replaced for a number of reasons including end of support contracts or a performance profile that is no longer adequate to power current end user applications. Businesses today… Read More »

Optimized and secure management of branch offices with ThinMan Gateway

Trento, 8th February – Praim, a leading provider of systems for the creation and management of thin & zero client software and hardware workstations, announced today the launch of its new innovative solution ThinMan Gateway. It has been developed to provide the optimized and secure management of branch offices: from the distribution of updates and policies on endpoints to the possibility of enabling the Wake On LAN. ThinMan Gateway eliminated the necessity of having a VPN connection between headquarters and offices. It creates a remote repository to optimize data traffic over the corporate WAN to make updates more secure, faster and more efficient. What does ThinMan Gateway offer? Complete remote… Read More »

Agile4Pi, the new Praim software that transforms Raspberry Pi endpoints into real Thin Clients

Management of endpoints in a single tool, simplicity and security for access to virtualized resources and creation of browser kiosks in seconds.   Trento, 17 September 2018 – Praim, a leading provider of systems for the creation and management of thin & zero client software and hardware workstations, presents the new Agile4Pi software. The Praim software solution, with Raspberry Pi 3 B and Pi 3 B+, allows a Full HD experience with client-side video rendering. Thanks to the complete integration of the Citrix Receiver, it guarantees total compatibility with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop systems (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop), offering a high performance workstation. In addition to keeping the investment on endpoints low,… Read More »

Praim introduces ThinMan Smart Identity to ensure company resources’ secure access

  “Speed and Security”, the keywords of the new add-on developed for ThinMan Platinum Edition which provides monitored and optimized users’ access through the use of a smart card. Trento, 14 May 2018 – Praim, a leading provider of systems for the creation and management of thin & zero client software and hardware workstations, announces the release of ThinMan Smart Identity, a real answer for a fast and secure access to your company’s resources. ThinMan Smart Identity is a new additional module for ThinMan Platinum Edition that allows users to access their workstations using a personal smart card. It provides a multi-factor authentication solution, which allows the management of user… Read More »

Praim renews the Neutrino family with the new N91xx model

New Intel Celeron Dual Core processor, 4K UHD video resolution, DisplayPort support and 5 USB ports. Trento, April 10, 2018 – Praim, a leading provider of systems for the creation and management of thin & zero client software and hardware workstations, renews the Neutrino family with the new N91xx model. As with the previous N90xx model, the new Neutrino confirms its characteristics of compactness, performance and versatility of use. In detail, the platform is renewed with the new Intel Celeron N3060 chipset: a 1.6 GHz Dual Core SoC processor, with 2.48 GHz burst frequency and integrated Intel HD Graphics 400 GPU. N91xx models offer native support for dual monitors, with… Read More »

Praim announces the new Edge family: up to 3 monitors, 4K UHD and PoE option

The new device is the first in the Praim range to support up to 3 monitors. It offers high definition content, with resolutions up to 4K UHD and the option Power over Ethernet. Trento, April 11, 2018 – Praim, a leading provider of systems for the creation and management of thin & zero client software and hardware workstations, is proud to present the new Edge family. Edge models boast top-of-the-range features and have been created for users working in multi-monitor mode, they are in fact the first Praim models to support up to 3 displays, thanks to the HDMI video output and 2 DisplayPort outputs. The new Edge devices are… Read More »

Praim enriches the range with H Series: the thin client for industrial environments

New family of products specifically designed to withstand particularly extreme environmental factors, optimal for those who need reliability above average. Trento, 12 April 2018 – Praim, a leading provider of systems for the creation and management of thin & zero client software and hardware workstations, announces the release of the new H Series family. The devices distinguish themselves by the extreme robustness of the hardware, which guarantees performance in any field of use: Praim’s H Series can operate in environments with temperatures ranging from -5°C to + 50°C, offering a greater dissipation of the heat, compared to non-industrial thin clients. The certification for the IP40 standard against dust and foreign… Read More »

Are thin clients affected by Spectre and Meltdown?

Side-channel attacks The two vulnerabilities exploit the possibility of a side-channel attack of the processor. A side-channel attack is any attack based on information acquired from the physical implementation of an information system. Timing information, energy consumption, electromagnetic losses or even sound can be exploited to break the system. By using statistical analysis of these physical operations, it is possible to obtain data from protected memory (for example passwords and cryptographic keys).  It is not a simple attack to perform, and cannot be enabled remotely because the malicious code must be executed locally on the machine. It is still unclear whether it is really possible to corrupt or modify data.… Read More »

Are VDI environments vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre?

Are VDI Environments Affected by Meltdown and Spectre? VDI environments can be affected when taking into consideration the hardware platform used to connect to the backend VDI environment, the hypervisor, as well as the guest operating system presented via the hypervisor. As an example, many VDI environments are running Microsoft Windows virtual machines for which Microsoft has released patches to change how user and kernel mode code is allowed to interact. However, there are facets of VDI architecture that help mitigate the effects of Meltdown and Spectre attack surfaces. Let’s take a look at what those are. VDI Environments Help Mitigate Meltdown and Spectre Attack Surfaces When it comes to… Read More »

University of Florence: The largest university library in the city becomes centrally managed with Praim

The University of Florence is an important and influential centre for research and higher training in Italy, with 1,800 lecturers and internal research staff, 1,600 technical and administrative staff. At the beginning of 2016 approximately 230 PCs were replaced with thin clients and a centrally managed VDI system. Appreciated by users and IT staff, it was decided to extend the project to the computer classrooms as well. The replacement of devices began, initially with the obsolete units. Currently, SIAF provides about 320 workstations, some with dedicated graphics hardware , and the forecast is to expand to about 800 workstations in 2018. The first workstations that migrated to the VDI system… Read More »

Praim announces the compatibility of its ThinOX thin clients with Cisco Virtualization Experience Media Engine (VXME)

Trento, December 15th, 2017 – Praim, a global leader in providing powerful managed endpoint software solutions and a manufacturer of thin and zero clients, announces today the compatibility of its Linux-based, ThinOX thin clients with Cisco Virtualization Experience Media Engine (VXME), a component of the Unified Communication platform Cisco Jabber. This solution allows different methods of communication, from instant messaging, high definition voice, video and conferencing, to voicemail with visual interface and desktop sharing. Thanks to VXME integration, the full range of Praim thin clients (ThinOX and Windows Embedded) support Cisco Jabber, providing users a higher audio and video conferencing experience in virtualized systems. Praim certifies an extended range of… Read More »

Citrix Receiver for Linux 3.17: benefit from the latest HDX technology

With Citrix releasing their Receiver version 13.7, the gap between Linux and Windows has reduced. With the current release of the Praim ThinOX firmware, customers can now benefit from the latest receiver on Praim thin client hardware as well as x86 based devices with ThinOX4PC. The most important aspect of this latest client, is the provision of the EDT (Enlightened Data Transport) protocol, which has been part of the Windows Receiver since version 4.6 which was first released in December 2016. What does EDT, or HDX Adaptive Transport offer that makes this worthwhile? Read here:

St George’s NHS Trust implemented Praim thin clients and ThinMan remote management console

With thousands of staff caring for patients around the clock, St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust is the largest healthcare provider in southwest London. With over 7,000 dedicated staff, St George’s Healthcare serves an overall population of 1.3 million across southwest London. A large number of services, such as cardiothoracic medicine and surgery, neurosciences and renal transplantation, also cover significant populations from Surrey and Sussex, totalling around 3.5 million people. To serve such a big population, St George’s clinicians are constantly moving throughout all the facilities to treat patients. Timing and quick service are the primary need for the hospital. Doctors require fast, easy and secure access to clinical applications and… Read More »

Scheduled Activities & Event Activities

Being part of an IT department involves a 360 degree commitment to ordinary and extraordinary infrastructure management activities. These activities may, however, prove to be onerous in terms of time and resources to employ. For this reason, it is important to use tools that allow the IT department to perform these operations as quickly as possible. source:

IT Automation: The benefits of centralised management of your company workstations

In a sense, having an easy-to-manage infrastructure has always been the true target of the IT departments in all companies, although management simplicity does not have to translate into a bottleneck of performances perceived by end users and reflecting on overall productivity. The main requirement in this digital transformation scenario is to provide solutions that optimise the corporate information environment and reduce the TCO, the total cost of ownership, while at the same time being able to grant and improve overall IT infrastructure performance. Source:

Managing Windows access to VDI with Praim Agile

An often-overlooked aspect of migrating to a remote desktop computing infrastructure is the existing desktops. Some installations plan and develop a hardened Windows build with restricted capabilities and the bare minimum of functionality. Other implementations look to repurposing software, like Praim’s ThinOX4PC to convert PCs into thin clients, either as an interim solution prior to migration to dedicated thin client hardware devices or as part of a strategy relating to asset longevity. Unfortunately, there are as many implementations where this final step is not considered at all and involves little more than an icon created on the PCs desktop. Praim have recently released Agile 2.0 to help with connections from… Read More »

Skype for Business – VMware optimised solution

One of the innovations recently announced by VMware is the optimised solution for Skype for Business.   R&D department at Praim decided to test this new solution.   From an architectural point of view, the optimised VMware solution is not far from what other virtualization vendors have already proposed, it is about the client’s ability to create a point-to-point pointing connection without having to pass through the server.   Source:

Italy’s favourite cake producers Bauli whips complexity with Citrix and Praim

Bauli, one of the most famous panettone producers in Italy, was founded in 1922; each year the company sells over 15 millions of its traditional Christmas panettones and pandoros, as well as its Easter colombas. As the company has enlarged into four manufacturing sites and 27 distribution centres, the complexity and IT difficulties have risen. To solve the problems Bauli implemented Citrix solutions to virtualise all of its applications and deployed Praim thin clients and ThinMan console across its locations. Read more:

The best of centralised management: Praim Agile – Your Smart Cloud Access

Praim, a global leader in providing a complete system to manage powerful software and hardware workstations has announced the launch of Agile – Your Smart Cloud Access, the latest addition to the Praim solution portfolio which offers users with a new interaction modality to create a totally safe zero client experience on Windows PCs and thin clients. “Praim Agile is the perfect solution for businesses looking to provide their users with unified and simplified, yet flexible, smart and secure workspace”, said Stefano Bonmassar, Praim Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. “It provides a new level of simplicity and security to organisations of all sizes.” Read more:

PowerShell scripts: Windows vs Praim Agile. Which method will you choose?

On Windows 7 and later releases of the Operating System, it is possible to use PowerShell Remoting. This service provides the user with PowerShell terminals and allows him to execute PS scripts on remote computers. Once the connection to the remote computer is established, all PS feature are available, like to mount network shares or installing software from the command line. From now on, the machine which will issue the PowerShell commands will be called ‘Client’, while the one which will execute the commands will be called ‘Server’. Read more source:

How to bring control and business continuity to your IT department?

Companies worldwide have used millions of distributed PCs as workplaces for their employees, often unmanaged and out of control by the IT department. As we know, especially in recent years of crisis, the IT budget is limited and companies are realising that without the renewal of digital processes their competitiveness is at risk. What are the solutions? It is increasingly evident that, used in this context, the PC is no longer a suitable device, at least not as it has been used until today. We could equip employees with alternative devices such as thin clients, designed to ensure IT managers control and simple and secure access to cloud infrastructure, but… Read More »

Thin Clients, are they still a thing? – Techstringy podcast

How and why thin clients still have a place in modern IT infrastructure? Paul Stringfellow from Techstringy interviewed Praim UK Territory Manager, Tony Main in the newest episode of Tech Interviews.The interview talks about the history of thin clients and how from rather dumb low power endpoints they became modern high powered and flexible devices.The podcast is very timely due to “WannaCry” (WanaCrypt0r 2.0) ransomware outbreak as Tony explains why thin client devices can be essential parts in a data security plan. source:

Distributed thin client management: The remote site conundrum and the elephant in the room?

Why should remote management of thin clients be complex? The benefits of thin client have centred on simplicity and ease of deployment, these have long been touted as the salient points that make the technology so compelling, so where is the issue? This message has been the rallying cry for the thin clients since their initial release in the 1990’s, however, the reality is that these two strengths are today only part of the whole picture. Contemporary devices are now feature rich, complex devices that are geared to work in enterprise environments, and with the growth of hosted services are having to adapt to these requirements as well. Desktop as… Read More »

What are the main advantages of thin client strategy? – Praim interview with Sacha Thomet

– What are the main advantages of thin client strategy? Like already said, to save money. Also, thin clients are easier to manage, easier to maintain and, not to forget, they have a lower power consumption. But I also say that a pure thin client strategy is not sufficient, you probably still have some employees who want to have the possibility to work offline. In my point of view, a Bring Your Own Device strategy (BYOD) is a good addition to a full thin client strategy. Source: