Italy’s favourite cake producers Bauli whips complexity with Citrix and Praim

Bauli, one of the most famous panettone producers in Italy, was founded in 1922; each year the company sells over 15 millions of its traditional Christmas panettones and pandoros, as well as its Easter colombas. As the company has enlarged into four manufacturing sites and 27 distribution centres, the complexity and IT difficulties have risen. To solve the problems Bauli implemented Citrix solutions to virtualise all of its applications and deployed Praim thin clients and ThinMan console across its locations. Read more: Italy’s favourite cake producers Bauli whips complexity with Citrix and Praim was last modified: June 7th, 2017 by Karolina Kurzac

The best of centralised management: Praim Agile – Your Smart Cloud Access

Praim, a global leader in providing a complete system to manage powerful software and hardware workstations has announced the launch of Agile – Your Smart Cloud Access, the latest addition to the Praim solution portfolio which offers users with a new interaction modality to create a totally safe zero client experience on Windows PCs and thin clients. “Praim Agile is the perfect solution for businesses looking to provide their users with unified and simplified, yet flexible, smart and secure workspace”, said Stefano Bonmassar, Praim Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. “It provides a new level of simplicity and security to organisations of all sizes.” Read more: The best of centralised… Read More »

Thin Client Market Embraces Raspberry Pi

Is the Raspberry Pi ready to take over the low-end thin client market? This week, NComputing unveiled the RX-HDX, its second Raspberry Pi based thin client. In addition, ViewSonic announced a software upgrade for the Pi-based SC-T25 thin client that it announced last year.


PowerShell scripts: Windows vs Praim Agile. Which method will you choose?

On Windows 7 and later releases of the Operating System, it is possible to use PowerShell Remoting. This service provides the user with PowerShell terminals and allows him to execute PS scripts on remote computers. Once the connection to the remote computer is established, all PS feature are available, like to mount network shares or installing software from the command line. From now on, the machine which will issue the PowerShell commands will be called ‘Client’, while the one which will execute the commands will be called ‘Server’. Read more source: PowerShell scripts: Windows vs Praim Agile. Which method will you choose? was last modified: May 29th, 2017 by… Read More »

HP Delivers Software to Accelerate Move to Cloud Computing

Today at Citrix Synergy, HP announced a software bundle to repurpose aging PCs for use as thin clients. Software bundle repurposes aging PCs for use as thin clients Orlando, FL. at Citrix Synergy, May 23, 2017 – A new HP software bundle is making it easier to accelerate a businesses’ transition from traditional local computing strategies to a new VDI or other cloud-centric solutions. The HP Thin Client Conversion Suite repurposes an aging PC into a thin client solution that supports a wide variety of backend systems while maintaining the existing OS, reducing risk, and lowering costs for training and hardware. The HP Thin Client portfolio is showcased in Booth #305.… Read More »

How to bring control and business continuity to your IT department?

Companies worldwide have used millions of distributed PCs as workplaces for their employees, often unmanaged and out of control by the IT department. As we know, especially in recent years of crisis, the IT budget is limited and companies are realising that without the renewal of digital processes their competitiveness is at risk. What are the solutions? It is increasingly evident that, used in this context, the PC is no longer a suitable device, at least not as it has been used until today. We could equip employees with alternative devices such as thin clients, designed to ensure IT managers control and simple and secure access to cloud infrastructure, but… Read More »

Thin Clients, are they still a thing? – Techstringy podcast

How and why thin clients still have a place in modern IT infrastructure? Paul Stringfellow from Techstringy interviewed Praim UK Territory Manager, Tony Main in the newest episode of Tech Interviews.The interview talks about the history of thin clients and how from rather dumb low power endpoints they became modern high powered and flexible devices.The podcast is very timely due to “WannaCry” (WanaCrypt0r 2.0) ransomware outbreak as Tony explains why thin client devices can be essential parts in a data security plan. source: Thin Clients, are they still a thing? – Techstringy podcast was last modified: May 25th, 2017 by Karolina Kurzac

Iris Hatzenbichler’s new marketing director EMEA at IGEL Technology

Der Endpoint-Management-Spezialist setzt für seine europäischen Marketing-Aktivitäten auf die über 16-jährige Erfahrung von Iris Hatzenbichler, die zuvor bereits für namhafte Software-Unternehmen erfolgreich war.   Bremen, 16. Mai 2017 – Iris Hatzenbichler ist neue Marketingdirektorin EMEA bei IGEL Technology. Ab sofort verantwortet sie in dieser Position die gesamten Marketing-Aktivitäten des Unternehmens für Europa. Auf Basis ihrer jahrelangen Erfahrung in der Kommunikation für Software-Unternehmen wird Hatzenbichler bei IGEL die Schärfung der Markenbotschaft ins Zentrum ihrer Tätigkeit rücken. Zuvor war sie für den Software-defined Storage-Anbieter Falconstor sowie für DataCore Software in leitenden Markting-Funktionen tätig. Iris Hatzenbichler ist seit über 16 Jahren in der IT tätig. Zuletzt leitete sie die EMEA Marketing-Aktivitäten von FalconStor Software.… Read More »

Distributed thin client management: The remote site conundrum and the elephant in the room?

Why should remote management of thin clients be complex? The benefits of thin client have centred on simplicity and ease of deployment, these have long been touted as the salient points that make the technology so compelling, so where is the issue? This message has been the rallying cry for the thin clients since their initial release in the 1990’s, however, the reality is that these two strengths are today only part of the whole picture. Contemporary devices are now feature rich, complex devices that are geared to work in enterprise environments, and with the growth of hosted services are having to adapt to these requirements as well. Desktop as… Read More »

What are the main advantages of thin client strategy? – Praim interview with Sacha Thomet

– What are the main advantages of thin client strategy? Like already said, to save money. Also, thin clients are easier to manage, easier to maintain and, not to forget, they have a lower power consumption. But I also say that a pure thin client strategy is not sufficient, you probably still have some employees who want to have the possibility to work offline. In my point of view, a Bring Your Own Device strategy (BYOD) is a good addition to a full thin client strategy. Source: What are the main advantages of thin client strategy? – Praim interview with Sacha Thomet was last modified: May 16th, 2017 by… Read More »

Fujitsu launches the world’s lightest 13.3″ thin client laptop weighing just 799g – MSPoweruser

Fujitsu this week launched a new ultra-portable thin-client, FUTRO MU937. Fujitsu claims that it is the world’s lightest 13.3″ mobile thin client and it weighs just 799g and comes with a thickness of 15mm. Generally, lightweight laptops will be less durable. Despite its extremely light body, Fujitsu this device has cleared several strict tests, including …


UNC Health Care Leverages IGEL in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Deployment

IGEL, a world leader in endpoint management software for the secure enterprise, today announced that its Universal Desktop Converter™ , IGEL Universal Desktop™ UD3 thin clients and Universal Management Suite™ were selected by UNC Health Care to as part of the roll-out for the nationally-ranked health


Additionally, the ease of integration between the IGEL UDC and IGEL UMS with Citrix XenDesktop and other solutions offered by Citrix Ecosystem partners, including Imprivata, has enabled secure access to the health care network’s Epic Systems’ Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.

Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Client is basically a cheap, tiny, low power PC

A thin client is basically a computer that doesn’t need a lot of memory, storage, or processing power because it’s designed to let you access software that’s actually running on a server, often due to virtualization technology.So we typically see thin clients in business and enterprise environments. But Dell’s newest model actually looks like a pretty nice little PC in its own right… if you don’t need a lot of RAM or storage.The Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Client is a $329 system with an Intel Atom x5 Cherry Trail processor, support for dual displays, wired and wireless network support, and Dell’s ThinOS or ThinLinux operating system options.The only real catch? The Wyse 3040 has just 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. So if you were going to repurpose it as a full-fledged PC, you might want to either add storage, or find applications that don’t need much additional storage space (like using the system as a media streamer).Or if you actually are looking to use the system as a thin client, Dell says its Wyse ThinLinux operating system is based on SUSE Linux, but it features additional security hardening. And the system uses less than 5 watts of power.The Wyse 3040 includes Gigabit Ethernet, a USB 3.1 port, 3 USB 2,0 ports, a headset jack, and dual DisplayPort jacks with support for up to two 2560 x 1600 monitors with 60 Hz refresh rates.An 802.11ac WiFi card is also available as an option.The system measures 3.8 x 3.8 x 1.1 and weighs just over half a pound.[gallery ids=96133,96131,96130,96129,96127]press release


Atom cherry trail

10ZiG Technology Finalises Company Rebrand & Unveils Completely Redesigned, Fully Featured Website

10ZiG, a world-market leader in Thin & Zero Client VDI Technology proudly announces the launch of its entirely redesigned, user-friendly, fully featured website. Leicester, UK – 10ZiG, a world-market leader in Thin & Zero Client VDI Technology proudly announces the launch of its entirely redesigned, user-friendly, fully featured website, The new website launch is the final phase of a recent full-blown company rebrand involving an updated logo, fresh and modern branding colours and a new look-and-feel to their advertising and marketing tactics. A few key features of the new website include a simplified, more intuitive layout, an attractive design and a more engaging user experience with enhanced search and… Read More »

10ZiG Achieves Imprivata OneSign Certification Healthcare

10ZiG Achieves Imprivata OneSign Certification on Linux Based Thin and Zero Clients for Healthcare 10ZiG Technology® achieves full certification of Imprivata® OneSign® Single-Sign-On (SSO) following integration into their PeakOS Linux Thin Clients and NOS Software Zero Clients. Leicester, UK – 10ZiG is now offering fully certified Imprivata OneSign® on their PeakOS™ Linux Thin Clients and NOS™ Software Zero Clients, simplifying access to virtual desktops in healthcare environments. Imprivata certification allows 10ZiG customers lightning fast and highly secure access to clinical and administrative applications; streamlining workflow by negating the need to repeatedly sign-in across multiple 10ZiG endpoints. “We are excited that 10ZiG completed the integration effort to achieve Imprivata OneSign® Certification;… Read More »

Fusion EMM now combines mobile and fixed device management into a single product

VXL Fusion EMM combines mobile and fixed device management Leading software developer VXL Software has launched the latest version of its device- management suite, Fusion EMM, which can now manage not only mobile devices but also desktop and laptop PCs, servers and network-connected devices. VXL Software has released the latest version of its market-leading device-management suite, Fusion EMM. Previously aimed solely at mobile devices, Fusion EMM now incorporates the key functionality of its sister product, Fusion UDM Premium – including the ability to manage PCs, servers and network-connected devices. According to VXL’s VP of worldwide sales, Frank Noon, this not only makes life easier for customers, it also significantly reduces… Read More »