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July 04, 2010

Wyse brings Pocket Cloud to Android

Wyse expands mobile support with new Android version of PocketCloud (already supports iPhone and iPad). Users giving thumbs up on the Beta

Thin client company Wyse Technology, has launched an Android version of is PocketCloud remote mobile desktop product. The software, which is available in public beta, is already available in iPhone and iPad versions.

Wyse said that its PocketCloud allowed end users to access Windows PCs, Remote Desktop Services and virtualised desktop infrastructures using the Microsoft RDP protocol. PocketCloud integrates seamlessly into an already-established VMware View host environment, included integrated enterprise-level security claimed Wyse.

Wyse PocketCloud enables users to remotely run their PC desktop or virtual desktop from a large variety of hosts, including VMware View, Microsoft Windows 7 Pro, Enterprise & Ultimate, Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Business and Remote Desktop Services in all Windows Server products.

The beta has got the thumbs-up from users. "I've been using Wyse PocketCloud with my Motorola Droid and couldn't be more satisfied," according to Wesley Baker, virtualisation architect with Jewelry Television. "Like many of us in the IT industry, I'm on call almost all the time. Having Wyse PocketCloud on my phone means that I don't have to carry around a heavy laptop or scramble to find a hot spot. Wyse PocketCloud makes remote access very simple and ties into our VMware View implementation perfectly."

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Posted by Staff at July 4, 2010 05:21 PM