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April 30, 2009

How To: Administrator Login to XPe to install software

New series on "How To"...This is how to login as administrator on a standard Wyse (or HP) terminal. Object is to login as Administrator, turn off or disable the Write Filter, install some software, and then turn it back on. The old trick question of what do you do when see a green light applies here...

Note: Wyse is Administrator/Administrator and HP is administrator/Administrator..

Also the text for is a tech note by Wyse. Maybe it's perception but it seems that support "wyse" (excuse the pun), they do as good job if not better. Thanks to Wyse for the document (which also explains same for HP).

Wyse Product Support Summary This tech note will explain how to login as Administrator and disable write filter on ourXPe based 9 Series.

Customers, 1 st / 2 nd Level Support, and Systems Engineering

Affected Products
9 Series (XPe)

This tech note relates to Wyse Released XPe Images. For Wyse created custom images please refer to the release notes and or contact Wyse Technical Support w/ the part number showing on the 9 Series client.

Logging in as Administrator

1. By default you will be logged in under the User account. Please select logoff and then hold down the SHIFT key during the logoff process. If this is done correctly it will bring up a blank login dialogue box.

2. Please use Administrator for the username.

3. Please use Administrator for the password. (Must use the capitol A.)

4. This will log you in as Administrator.

****Once you disable write filter you will be able to perform basic administrative tasks and possibly install small applications. However Wyse Technical Support will not be able to support any alterations made to the Wyse Released Images and may ask you to re-image the box to factory defaults.

Disabling Write Filter

1. In order for administrative tasks, changes and or small applications to be made permanently written to the OS you will need to disable Write Filter. Once you are logged in as administrator simply click the red Disable Write Filter icon showing on the Administrator’s desktop. Once the process is complete it will automatically reboot the 9 series.

2. Once the 9 series is back up you will need to log back in as Administrator and notice the red icon in the taskbar next to the system time. This is the indication that Write Filter is disabled.

3. Make your changes and or install the third party applications if a reboot is required please reboot manually.

4. Once you have completed making your changes you will want to enable Write Filter by double clicking the green Enable Write Filter icon. Once this process is complete it will automatically reboot the 9 Series.

5. Once the 9 series is back up verify that the green icon in the taskbar next to the system time is present. This is the indication that Write Filter Protection is back on.

Posted by Staff at April 30, 2009 01:59 PM